Volume 20, No.3

Spring 2006

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  • Resources 20.3

    Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

  • Good Stuff 20.3

    By Herbert Kohl

    For years, beginning in the 1960s, the only source I read that had a radical, intelligent, school-based, and sophisticated analysis of public education was the Canadian magazine This Magazine Is About […]

  • Letters to the Editors 20.3

    Clear and Present Danger Tom Mooney’s comment that “it’s absolutely pointless to be knee-jerk anti-testing” (“An Interview with Tom Mooney,” Volume 20, No. 2) raises a host of questions — […]

  • From the Archives

    A selection of articles from Rethinking School’s past 20 years.

  • Editorial: It Was 20 Years Ago Today

    We launched Rethinking Schools during the Reagan era. A lot has changed since then, and much has stayed the same.

  • Thoughts on the 20th Anniversary of Rethinking Schools

    By Sonia Nieto

    The noted educator says Rethinking Schools has become far more than a newspaper: It is a movement.

  • Band-Aids or Bulldozers

    What's next for NCLB?

    By Stan Karp

    What’s next for NCLB?

  • From Tourist Hawaii to the 20th Anniversary

    Lessons from Rethinking Schools

    By Wayne Au

    A current RS editor explores the important role Rethinking Schools has played in my life and the powerful model Rethinking Schools provides for teachers.”

  • School Board Journeys

    By Jennifer Morales

    A Milwaukee school board member and former RS staffer reminds us that school board politics are personal.”

  • A Pedagogy of Resistance

    An interview with Howard Zinn

    By Catherine Capellaro

    An interview with historian Howard Zinn.

  • Rethinking Teacher Unions

    A film on Mexican teachers presents an activist, hopeful vision of unionism

    By Lois Weiner

    What good are teacher unions? I joined the teachers union when I was a student teacher, though the union didn’t make it easy. Hardly anyone knew that student teachers could […]

  • Dispatch from the Front Lines of the Voucher Wars

    By Barbara Miner

    Lessons learned from 15 years of covering Milwaukee’s trendsetting school-voucher program.

  • A Brief History of Milwaukee’s Voucher Program

    By Barbara Miner

    Facts and figures that chart the program’s history.

  • Pedagogy of the Absurd

    There's an agenda behind the "reading wars" and it harms teachers and students

    By Ken Goodman

    There’s an agenda behind the reading wars” and it harms teachers and students.”

  • Defending Bilingual Education

    English language learners come to school with a built-in opportunity to become bilingual. Schools should help them seize this opportunity.

    By Kelley Dawson Salas

    Why schools should help English-language learners become truly bilingual.

  • Silencing Teachers in an Era of Scripted Reading

    By Elizabeth Jaeger

    This wrongheaded approach robs teachers of their professional judgment. 

  • Apologies to Sandra Cisneros

    How ETS' computer-based writing assessment misses the mark

    By Maja Wilson

    How ETS’ computer-based writing assessment misses the mark.

  • Rats

    Students take action to defend their classroom pets

    By Kate Lyman

    Kids get engaged with school through a campaign to win back their classroom animals. 

  • Standing Up to Military Recruiters

    The story of the Los Angeles Coalition Against Militarism in our Schools

    By Arlene Inouye

    The story of the Los Angeles Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools.

  • Excerpts from The Line Between Us

    By Bill Bigelow

    After numerous trips to the U.S.-Mexico border, a teacher helps students explore free trade” and immigration.”

  • Reading Chilpancingo

    By Linda Christensen

    The border” is not simply a wall

  • Elementary Books with a Conscience

    By Kelley Dawson Salas

    Books a fourth-grade teacher has used to help students explore the lives of immigrant children.

  • Crossing Borders, Building Empathy

    By Bob Peterson

    A 5th-grade teacher uses the short story First Crossing” to promote empathy for Mexicans entering the United States without documents.”