Schools Reopen — and Teachers Fight for Their Lives, Their Students, and the Future of Public Education

By Sarah Jaffe


Summer 2020

How Google Classroom Erases Trans Students

By Ty Marshall

A teacher looks at the way Google Classroom erases their trans students during the pandemic by not letting them use their chosen name in online learning.

Coronavirus and Our Schools

Educators Speak Out

By Heather Chen, Zanovia Clark, Angelina Cruz, Don Dumas, Martha A. Escudero, Sarah Giddings, Holly Hardin, Arathi Jayaram, Julie Jee, Dennis Kosuth, Merrie Najimy, and Tanya Reyes

We asked a group of teachers and students to write about their experience of school during the pandemic. We left it open-ended, but suggested they write about a particular experience that stood out, or if there were moments of solidarity they witnessed, or how they have seen students, parents, and other teachers being affected. We also asked what kinds of inequalities they’ve seen, and what their hopes and fears are for public education in a post-pandemic world. Here’s how they responded . . . 

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