Right-Wing Legislators Are Trying to Stop Us from Teaching for Racial Justice. We Refuse.


Spring 2021

Activists Mobilize for Waivers and Opt Outs as Biden Mandates Tests

By Stan Karp

One month after taking office, the Biden administration faced its first major education policy test. It failed miserably.

The Story of One Union’s Journey Toward Disability Justice: Expanding Our Beliefs and Demands for Inclusive Education

By Emma Fialka-Feldman

How a teacher came to realize that a union could be a leader to fight for inclusive education, in part by making “inclusion done right” part of its contract negotiation, and by continuing the campaign after those negotiations.

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Rethinking Schools began in 1986, when a group of Milwaukee education activists — teachers, teacher educators, and community members — met to talk about how they could bring more critical voices into the conversation about public schools and libraries. These founding Rethinking Schools editors saw a school curriculum that was conservative, dumbed-down, and dominated by corporate-produced textbooks. Inappropriate standardized testing was rampant. Racial bias infected every level of schooling.