It’s a Big Fat Deal
How Schools Teach Contempt for Fat
People — and What We Can Do About It
By Katy Alexander

In the Wake of Uvalde, a Teacher’s Plea for Police-Free Schools

By Nataliya Braginsky

Braginsky argues that her students — and young people everywhere — are safer in school without police.

Teaching the Reconstruction Revolution

By Adam Sanchez

A high school social studies teacher describes a lesson that uses improvisations, historical fiction, and found poems to help students appreciate the first era of Black power: Reconstruction.

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Rethinking Schools began in 1986, when a group of Milwaukee education activists — teachers, teacher educators, and community members — met to talk about how they could bring more critical voices into the conversation about public schools and libraries. These founding Rethinking Schools editors saw a school curriculum that was conservative, dumbed-down, and dominated by corporate-produced textbooks. Inappropriate standardized testing was rampant. Racial bias infected every level of schooling.