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Hundreds of teacher educators across the United States and Canada—and throughout the English-speaking world—use Rethinking Schools articles in their courses and refer students to our website.

We value our partnership with universities and aim to be a valuable resource to you and your students.  We now are offering a special option for you and your students to gain complete access to the online archives of our award-winning magazine.

Your university library (or other institution) can purchase an Institutional Site License for only $199 per year.

This license gives university faculty and students unlimited and complete access to the online archives of Rethinking Schools magazine. Institutional access is regulated by the registration of IP addresses used exclusively by your university community.

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“In the growing movement to reclaim and transform public education toward a vision of multiculturalism and justice, Rethinking Schools is a beacon, amplifying the voices that rattle conventional wisdom and that showcase the possibilities for change.  For many of us, the starting points for research, teaching, and advocacy always include their articles, books, and online resources.”

— Kevin Kumashiro, professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, and president (2012-2014), National Association for Multicultural Education