Honoring Exonerees

A high school teacher helps her students explore how DNA testing is used to free innocent people from prison and how science can support justice.

Science for the People

Ninth graders develop science literacy as they become neighborhood environmental experts and activists.

Continent Ecology

Children’s books that promote environmental education in the primary grades.

Exploring Our Urban Wilderness

My students’ home terrain consists — at least on the surface — of houses, streets, schools, and stores. Like many urban kids, the bit of unpaved, unfenced nature my second […]

Teaching About Toxins

A Rethinking Schools editor explores the environment’s effects on her students’ health in the classroom.

Science Language for All

Oogenesis? Heterozygous? Science vocabulary can be difficult for students, especially English language learners. A science teacher describes how she reorients science classrooms to make vocabulary accessible.

“Stupid Book of Wrongness”

A teacher shows his 3rd- and 4th-grade students the Heartland Institute’s climate change denial book that was sent to every science teacher in the nation.

Celebrating Skin Tone

An early elementary school teacher combines a science lesson and poetry to encourage children to celebrate their own skin tone and that of their classmates.