Volume 37, No. 3

Spring 2023

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  • “We Cannot Create What We Cannot Imagine”

    Helping Students Picture Climate Justice

    By Suzanna Kassouf

    To imagine a better future, high school students role-play activists at a visioning conference and then create murals.

  • Imagining Climate Futures

    Fifth and Sixth Graders Write Place-Based Speculative Fiction

    By Eric Fishman

    Fishman asks his students to write speculative fiction set in 2050, grounded in a special place they choose from their lives.

  • “I Get It Now”

    Teaching the Physics of Climate Change

    By Elissa Levy

    A high school physics teacher and her students start with the energy from the sun’s light to answer the question “What is driving the change in global temperature?”

  • Designing for Justice in and Beyond the STEM Classroom  

    An Interview with Chris Emdin

    By Ayva Thomas

    Emdin discusses teaching that values who students are, learning environments, science and math as tools for justice, and dream culture.

  • How My Teacher Union Fought for Housing Justice 

    By Ann Finkel

    A teacher union member stories the Boston Teachers Union fight for housing justice.

  • “No More Elegies Today”

    By Linda Christensen

    When asked about his poem “No More Elegies Today,” Clint Smith said, “Sometimes a poem should just be about a girl jumping rope. It doesn’t have to be something that […]

  • What Is a Family?

    Inclusive Teaching About Genetics and Reproduction in K–12 Life Sciences

    By Sam Long

    A biology teacher describes inclusive teaching about families; sexual, reproductive, and parenting behaviors; and models of heredity.

  • Why We Should Teach the History of the Black Panther Party 

    By Young Whan Choi

    Teacher educators’ students grapple with the legacy of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, which includes Ericka Huggins talking with the class about her experiences in the BPP.

  • Defend African American Studies

    By the editors of Rethinking Schools

    Black history is under attack — predictably by the right, and by the acquiescence of the College Board, a billion-dollar “non-profit” business. This is yet another example of the erasure […]

  • Our Classrooms, Our Future

    By the editors of Rethinking Schools

    In his compelling new novel The Deluge, author Stephen Markley paints a grim portrait of the future: overlapping and escalating climate disasters, economic chaos, growing inequality, state violence, hyper surveillance, […]

  • Our picks for books, videos, websites, and other social justice resources 37.3

    Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

  • What’s in the Water?

    Teaching About Environmental Racism

    By Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

    In the spring of 2016, children in Portland, Oregon, walked into their school buildings to find the drinking fountains shut off, the fixtures dramatically wrapped in plastic and tape, and […]