Volume 17, No.2

Winter 2002/2003

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  • No Comment 17.2

    By Stacie Williams and Catherine Capellaro

    Bin Laden ‘Supporter’ Detained In early October, a substitute teacher in Pittsburgh was surrounded by armed guards, detained for an hour, and suspended over notes he wrote about Osama bin […]

  • Resources 17.2

    By Bob Peterson

    Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

  • Shorts 17.2

    School Named for Civil Rights Leader

  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education Resources

    Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, 130 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036-7802. Phone: 212-819-9770. Fax: 212-819-9776. E-mail: siecus@siecus.org. Web site: http://www.siecus.org. SIECUS is a non-profit national organization founded […]

  • Teachers on Sex Ed

    By Priscilla Pardini

    With more and more sex ed teachers focusing on abstinence – often against their better judgment – many students are not receiving the kind of information those very teachers feel […]

  • Two Approaches To Sexuality Education

    By Priscilla Pardini

    “So, what would make you decide to take a risk – drink that beer, smoke that doobie, drive without a seatbelt, have sex?” Paul Zettel, a health teacher at Milwaukee’s […]

  • Wisconsin’s Share

    Soon after passage of the national welfare reform law in 1996, federal abstinence- only money began to flow to every state in the nation except California, which deemed abstinence-only education […]

  • Resources on Black Liberation Strategies

    Internet Resources Booker T. Washington (speech)www.pbs.org/greatspeeches/timeline W.E.B. DuBois (speech and quotes)www.pbs.org/greatspeeches/timelinewww.duboislc.org/html/DuBoisBio.html Marcus Garvey (speeches)http://new.melanet.com/market/marcus.htmlwww.themarcusgarveybbs.com/garvey.html Paul Robeson (quotes and interview)www.mind.net/rvuuf/pages/robeson.htmhttp://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/coldwar/interviews/episode-6/robeson1.html Fannie Lou Hamer (quotes)www.theglassceiling.com/biographies/bio14.htm Malcolm X (speech and quotes)http://afgen.com/malcolmx.htmlwww.pbs.org/greatspeeches/timeline Reverend Martin […]

  • FBI Surveillance

    The reading described by Larry Miller is “J. Edgar Hoover and the Infiltration of Black Activists: a Comparison of FBI Surveillance of Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson and Martin Luther King,” […]

  • Teaching Ideas 17.2

    By Bill Bigelow, S. J. Childs, Julie O'Neill, Bill Patterson, Josh Weiner, Mary Weiss, and Paul Weiss

    For all of the following, it might help to also read George Capaccio’s article on the effects of the U.N. sanctions against Iraq, “How Many Must Die?” at www.rethinkingschools.org/archive/13_03/iraq.shtml. Have students […]

  • Abstinence-Only Education Continues to Flourish

    If Half of U.S. Teens are sexually active, why aren't we giving them the full story on contraception and STD prevention?

    By Priscilla Pardini

    If half of U.S. teens are sexually active, why aren’t we giving them the full story?

  • McDonald’s or IBM

    In North Carolina, eighth graders are forced to make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives

    By Damien Jackson

    In North Carolina, eighth graders are forced to decide their fates.

  • Keeping Public Schools Public: Tuition Tax Credits: Vouchers in Disguise

    By Barbara Miner

    I have been writing about vouchers for more than a decade. Hardened as I am to often arcane voucher debates, three words still send shivers into my brain. Tuition tax […]

  • Remembering Paul Wellstone

    Marking the passing of a tireless advocate for peace and justice

    By Herbert Kohl

    Wellstone was from the ‘Republic of Conscience.’

  • Wellstone on Testing

    The following points are excerpted from a speech by the late Senator Paul Wellstone at a conference in New York City in the Spring of 2000 on high-stakes testing.

    By Paul Wellstone

    The late Senator Paul Wellstone’s views on testing.

  • E.S.E.A. WATCH 17.2

    Testing reigns in Britain - but resistance is growing

    By Bob Peterson

    Testing reigns in Britain – but resistance is growing.

  • Taking a Stand for Learning

    Chicago teachers speak out against a 'really bad test'

    By Gregory Michie

    Chicago teachers speak out against a ‘really bad test’.

  • CASE Letter

    Creating a Literate and Compassionate Community A new teacher reflects on her first year of teaching and the power of poetry.

  • Rethinking Globalization: Teaching and Organizing Against Sweatshops

    By Bill Bigelow

    Anyone who has tried to teach about globalization knows how daunting this can be. What is it? Where is it? The concept itself can over­whelm: It’s everywhere and nowhere, all […]

  • Reading & Writing the World

    Justice for janitors: Making the invisible visible

    By Linda Christensen

    Justice for Janitors: Making the invisible visible.

  • Exploring Child Labor with Young Students

    They can understand a lot more than some people might imagine

    By Kate Lyman

    They can understand a lot more than some people imagine.

  • Bringing the Civil Rights Movement into the Classroom

    Students can identify with the rich tradition of resistance in U.S. History

    By Larry Miller

    Students can identify with the rich tradition of resistance in U.S. history.

  • Voices of Black Liberation

    By Larry Miller

    A roleplay helps examine strategies of freedom struggles.

  • What War Looks Like

    By Howard Zinn

    A historian asks us to confront the realities of war.

  • Discriminating Against ‘Regular’ Kids

    A Former Student Speaks Out Against Elite Programs that Require Parents to Volunteer in the Classroom

    By Michelle E. Heacox

    A former student speaks out against elite programs that require parents to volunteer.

  • Bilingual Education Is A Human and Civil Right

    A Rethinking Schools Editorial

    En Español Click here for the special Rethinking Schools collection of materials on bilingual education. In 1864, Congress prohibited Native-American children from being taught in their own languages. It took […]

  • La educación bilingüe es un derecho civil y humano

    By el comité editorial de RS

    View this article in English En 1864 el Congreso prohibió que los niños/as nativos-americanos fueran instruídos en sus propios idiomas. Le tomó 70 años al gobierno de los Estados Unidos […]