Resources on Black Liberation Strategies

Internet Resources

Booker T. Washington (speech)

W.E.B. DuBois (speech and quotes)

Marcus Garvey (speeches)

Paul Robeson (quotes and interview)

Fannie Lou Hamer (quotes)

Malcolm X (speech and quotes)

Reverend Martin Luther king (speech)

Barbara Jordan (speech)

Stokely Carmichael (quotes)

Huey P. Newton (interview)


“Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil rights Years 1954-1965” (available in most urban public libraries)

“Eyes on the Prize 2: America at the Radical Crossroads 1965-1985”

PBS Video
1320 Braddock Pl.
Alexandria, VA 22314-1698
Ph # 703-739-5380

Murder in Mississippi. 1965. Directed by Joseph P. Mawra. (Available for $19.99 from


Bullard, Sara.1989. Free At Last: A History of the Civil Rights Movement and Those Who Died in the Struggle (Montgomery, Ala: Teaching Tolerance).

Civil Rights Education Project
400 Washington Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36177-9621
Ph# 205-264-0286

Williams, J. (1987) Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years 1954-1965. (New York, NY: Penguin)

Rethinking Schools Web page

J Edgar Hoover and the Infiltration of Black Activists: A Comparison of FBI Surveillances of Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, and Martin Luther King.

State of Louisiana “Literacy Test” (Used to prevent African Americans from voting until outlawed by the 1965 Voting Rights Act.)

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