Teaching for Joy and Justice

An excerpt from Christensen’s new book, Teaching for Joy and Justice: Re-imagining the Language Arts Classroom.


Los Angeles teachers take on LAUSD’s mandated tests.

Marketing American Girlhood

American Girl, makers of high quality dolls, historical fictions, films, and other products for girls, has cornered the market on how to sell American girlhood to the public. Its popularity […]

A Pedagogy for Ecology

Helping students build an ecological identity and a conscious connection to place opens them to a broader bond with the earth.

The Wonder of Nature

A review of The Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, The Sense of Wonder, and A Sand County Almanac.

Rethinking Lunchtime

Lunch is too important to be thought of as the ritual pit stop between classroom and playground.

Teaching in Dystopia

The problem is this: Testing is killing education. Not only is it narrowing the curriculum generally

The Scripted Prescription

Testing mania reaches the pre-K classroom.  It saddened me to think that my daughter’s first impression of school was based on taking a test and failing it.”

Queer Matters

While we were excited to support the opening of the educational closet

Feeding Two Birds With One Hand

I can’t imagine any teacher union leader or local school board member who wouldn’t welcome a new federal program that would make the issue of healthcare benefits a moot point in bargaining.”