Taking A Chance With Words

None of my schools issued uniforms. What I did wear was a uniform in my head which kept me in line, out of trouble. It was a suit which had […]

Editorial Winds of Change

After years of being hushed by rightwing demagogues and a compliant media, teachers, students, parents, and activist are getting loud and proud

Wish You Were Here

A University of Nebraska professor takes a satirical look at Education Week’s Quality Counts report, where the Cornhusker state ranked at the bottom.

Pressuring the Gap

Ohio attempts to close achievement gap by focusing on 9th-grade males

‘Hurricane Vicki’

Portland’s former superintendent gets a big stage with Gates Foundation assignment.

Beyond Anthologies

A veteran teacher laments the trend toward mandated curriculum and argues that teachers should choose materials that address students’ lives and social issues.

Acting In and On the World

Oregon students and teachers learn life lessons by participating in the ‘Theater of the Oppressed’.

Backpedaling Toward Plessy

When the Supreme Court overturned two desegregation plans, the majority opinion was based on a distortion of both programs, and of the history of desegregation in general.

The Tougher Standards Fad Hits Home

In the 1830s, Dr. [Pierre-Charles Alexandre] Louis studied the effect of bloodletting, or bleeding — the standard treatment of the time — on pneumonia.The data showed that bleeding didn’t work…but […]

Reconstructing Race

“Is Mr. Smith a White Guy?” I then changed the topic, volunteering to be a contemporary example. “OK, so the next question is: Is Mr. Smith a white man? Yes […]

Rethinking Agatha Christie

The strange and offensive history of Ten Little Indians” (Hint: They weren’t always called “Indians.”)

Playing with Gender

Three 4-year-old boys sat in a circle, each with a doll tucked under his shirt. “It’s time to have our babies!” Nicholas* declared. One by one, the boys pulled their […]

Students Galvanize for Immigrant Rights

Viviana, who had only lived in the United States for two years, walked nervously to the speaker’s podium at a press conference on the steps of her high school. Although […]

“Bait and Switch”

Voucher advocates are fast-talking their way around a new report that cast doubts on the value of the program.