Coming Home to Ourselves

In her new book, The Spirit of Our Work: Black Women Teachers (Re)member, Cynthia Dillard (now dean of the College of Education at Seattle University) provides language for what occurs when Black women teachers discover their spiritual wisdom and identities that are part of a long historical continuum of Black women’s resistance, creativity, and ultimately, their healing.

AquÕ y Allíç

An elementary teacher uses the poetry of Jorge Argueta to help students express their feelings about leaving one country for another.

Facing Cancer

A high school science teacher expands her curriculum to include the impact of cancer on her students lives, and the environmental, social, and political realities of who gets sick and who gets treated.

Accountable to Our Students – Accountable to Their Communities

Rethinking Schools has assembled two new books that focus on what teachers are really accountable for: the learning, empowerment, and well-being of their students. In this section of the magazine, we are honored to offer five new articles from those books.

A Message from a Black Mom to Her Son

An African American mother and teacher educator uses examples from her own childhood to describe how she hopes her child will be treated by teachers, and what she fears.

Writing for Justice

An elementary school teacher takes us inside his classroom to see how he builds on his students’ lives and passions to help them create persuasive essays.

Testing Our Limits

First graders, three at a time, use classroom computers to take standardized tests. Their teacher explains the impact on the students and herself.

Playing Smart

Scripted curriculum de-skills teachers and rewards students for passivity, not critical thinking. A teacher educator urges teachers to organize and fight back.

One Long Struggle for Justice

In his last recorded broadcast, Zinn holds forth on Haiti, persistent silences in the curriculum, and early influences in his life before offering advice to new teachers.

Pain and Poetry – Facing Our Fears

Poetry becomes the vehicle for students to strengthen the classroom community, think critically about their collective experience, and push their teacher to push them.

Aquí y Allá

An elementary teacher uses the poetry of Jorge Argueta to help students express their feelings about leaving one country for another.

Losing Our Favorite Teacher

Howard Zinn will be remembered as the historian who transformed the way we think about and teach U.S. history. He was also a brilliant teacher, a passionate activist, and a warm and generous friend.

Teaching for Joy and Justice

An excerpt from Christensen’s new book, Teaching for Joy and Justice: Re-imagining the Language Arts Classroom.