Teaching the Truth About National Parks

Tim Swinehart

An environmental justice teacher engages students in an examination of the problematic history of national parks.

Baltimore Students Fight for Climate Justice — and Their Own Lives

Bill Bigelow

Bigelow discusses a recent episode of the NPR podcast Code Switch focused on student organized climate victory in Baltimore.

The Climate Crisis Has a History. Teach It.

Mimi Eisen and Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

Eisen and Wolfe-Rocca critique textbook timelines and introduce the new Zinn Education Project Climate Justice Timeline.

Black Land Matters

Leah Penniman

Dijour Carter refused to get out of the van parked in the gravel driveway at Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York. The other teens in his program emerged, skeptical, […]

Teaching that Food Justice Is Racial Justice

Tim Swinehart

Swinehart highlights the work of Leah Penniman to teach about the connection between food and racial justice.

“We Cannot Create What We Cannot Imagine”

Helping Students Picture Climate Justice

Suzanna Kassouf

To imagine a better future, high school students role-play activists at a visioning conference and then create murals.

Ecological Footprint Calculators Are Bad for the Environment

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

For years, I would coax my 9th graders into the dreary, windowless computer lab for 10-15 minutes so they could complete an online ecological footprint calculator. I wanted students to […]

As She Rises

A Podcast Helps Students Reach Beyond Climate Disaster Statistics

Tim Swinehart

I recently stumbled across a podcast that made a wonderful addition to my students’ study of the climate crisis — As She Rises.

Action Research for Environmental Justice in the Kindergarten Classroom

Kimi Waite

A kindergarten teacher helps students investigate issues of environmental justice — like access to green space — in their communities.

Helping Young People Imagine a Future of Climate Solidarity

Earth, Justice, and Our Classrooms

Bill Bigelow

We need more books that celebrate young people who find themselves as they come to consciousness and commitment.