Volume 25, No.3

Spring 2011

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  • Got Coal?

    Teaching about the most dangerous rock in America

    By Bill Bigelow

    Students play a game promoted by the coal industry, then dig beneath the surface to look at the realities of mountaintop removal mining.

  • Coal at the Movies

    Classroom DVDs on coal and mountaintop removal mining

    By Bill Bigelow

    Video resources for the classroom, plus links to activist websites.

  • Science for the People

    High school students investigate community air quality

    By Tony Marks-Block

    Ninth graders develop science literacy as they become neighborhood environmental experts and activists.

  • Who’s Bashing Teachers and Public Schools and What Can We Do About It?

    By Stan Karp

    To build an effective movement against the top-down strategies that are ripping public education apart, we need to take a closer look at who wants reform and why.

  • Keepers of the Second Throat

    By Patricia Smith

    When Chicago stole my mother’s tongue, it also stole all her yesterdays. A poet’s lyric plea for teachers to nurture their students voices and stories.

  • Talking Back to the World

    Turning poetic lines into visual poetry

    By Renée Watson

    Student poetry about what raised me is woven into graphic art.

  • Bad Signs

    By Alfie Kohn

    What are the real messages in the inspirational slogans covering classroom walls? Plus some better alternatives.

  • Fuzzy Math

    A meditation on test scoring

    By Meredith Jacks

    A middle school writing teacher reflects on a day spent scoring districtwide math tests.

  • Support That Can’t Support

    My induction program experience

    By Elaine Engel

    Are peer mentoring programs bowing to the pressure to teach to the test?

  • Our Climate Crisis Is an Education Crisis

    By the editors of Rethinking Schools

    Why is there so little teaching or discussion of climate change in classrooms?

  • Action News – Wisconsin Uprising

    Wisconsin Uprising — Justice Is in the Air

  • Good Stuff 25.3

    By Herb Kohl


  • Scholastic Inc

    Preview to Summer 2011

    By Bill Bigelow

    A 4th-grade curriculum lies through omission.