Volume 13, No.1

Fall 1998

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  • Standardardized Tests

    Standardized tests #1 In 1950, Martin Luther King, Jr. took the Graduate Record Exam, a standardized test from the Educational Testing Service that is used in applying to graduate school. […]

  • Reconstituting Jefferson

    Reconsitution is a nationwide trend, and example of "get tough" policies. At my school, it was mean-spirited and shallow - and did nothing to address the school's real problems

    By Linda Christensen

    Reconstituting schools — bring in a new reform program and forcing teacher to reapply for their jobs or leave — is a nationwide trend, an example of “get tough” policies. At this teacher’s school it was mean-spirited and shallow

  • Reconstitution Trend Cools

    By Barbara Miner

    A national perspective on the reconstitution controversy.

  • What Happened to the Merger?

    Did NEA delegates vote "no" because of irreconcilable differences, or do they just want time to ponder the proposal?

    By Ann Bastian

    A look at the NEA-AFT merger proposed this summer, why it didn’t happen, and where we go from here.

  • New Battlegrounds

    As charters and voucher schools decry the "burdens" of special education, advocates for students with disabilities prepare to defend hard-won rights

    By Christine Stoneman

    How voucher schools, and some charter schools, are trying to circumvent special education regulations.

  • Staying Past Wednesday

    Death, an ever-present reality in life, is too often silenced in the elementary classroom. Does it have to be that way?

    By Kate Lyman

    A second-grade teacher explores the seldom-touched issues of grief and loss with her students.

  • Culturally Authentic Bias

    Just because a book is "multicultural" doesn't mean it is free of stereotypes. Many cultures have stories replete with bias.

    By Martha J. Cruz-Jantzen

    A teacher learns that just because a book is multicultural doesn’t mean it’s free from bias.

  • The Voucher Threat

    Many public schools in urban areas have such problems that it may be tempting to consider vouchers a legitimate reform. Don't be fooled. The very survival of public education is at stake.

    Many urban schools are so beset with problems that vouchers may sound like legitimate reform. But don’t be fooled. The very survival of public education is at stake.

  • Of Eagles and Chickens

    How a Teacher Uses a Modern Fable to Teach about the African-American Struggle for Identity

    By Bakari Chavanu

    A teacher describes how a modern fable helps him teach about the African-American struggle for identity.

  • Of Eagles and Chickens

    Where to find poetry, books and movies that offer insight on this issue.

  • Great Eagle Wisdom

    Powerful quotes from “In Our Own Words: A Treasury of Quotations from the African American Community.”

  • Letters 13.1

    Readers speak out on recent Rethinking Schools articles about teachers and unions.

  • Lessons from the Other Side

    A community-activist who is now a school board member offers tips to parents on how to effectively approach their school board.

    By Susan Naimark

    A community activist — now also a school board member — offers tips for parents on how to effectively approach a school board.

  • Transforming Teaching

    Milwaukee’s teacher-run councils helped enrich districtwide reform. Their demise leaves a vacuum for progressive teachers searching to promote classroom-based innovation.

    By Bob Peterson

    Milwaukee’s teacher councils provide important lessons on district wide school reform.

  • K-12 Reform Goals

    Ten goals included in a report by a curriculum reform committee in the Milwaukee Public Schools.

  • Alternatives to Grade Retention

    “No social promotion!” is the latest sound-bite of reform. But if the goal is to improve classroom learning, other strategies make more sense.

    By Linda Darling-Hammond

    “No social promotion” makes a nice soundbite but there are better ways to fix schools.”

  • Unz: Moving on to Arizona

    The leader of California’s attack on bilingual education is working with a group in Arizona with similar goals.

  • Resources on the Unz Initiative

    Where to call, write or Web-surf for more information on the “English for the Children” referendum.”

  • Religious Right Launches “Exodus 2000”

    By Barbara Miner

    Right-wing Christian leaders are calling on their followers to pull their children from public education.

  • Victory for Funding Equity

    A New Jersey decision mandates extra money for low-income districts.

    By Stan Karp

    A New Jersey decision mandates extra money for low-income districts.

  • MPS Suspensions Skyrocket

    MPS suspensions have increased over 30% in recent years. In middle school, there were more suspensions than actual students.

    By Barbara Miner

    A look at suspensions in Milwaukee schools, which have gone up 30% in just a few years.

  • A Mother Speaks Out

    What happens when schools fail to take action against harassment of gay and lesbian youth?

    By Leslie Sadasivan

    Tragedy strikes when schools fail to crack down on harassment of gay and lesbian kids.

  • Tinsel Town Teachers

    You want to write a movie script, capture your finest teaching moments on film? Here’s how.

    By Gavin Hainsworth

    Why can’t Hollywood get teachers right? A look at common stereotypes about teachers on the silver screen.

  • 13.Ed-Web: Native American Websites

    By Bob Peterson

    Native-American Web Sites