K-12 Reform Goals

Following are the 10 Teaching and Learning Goals included in Moving Forward with K-12, the report of the curriculum reform committee in the Milwaukee Public Schools.

  1. Students will project anti-racist, anti-biased attitudes through their participation in a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, culturally diverse curriculum.
  2. Students will participate and gain knowledge in all the arts (visual arts, dance, theater, literature, music), developing personal vehicles for self-expression reinforced in an integrated curriculum.
  3. Students will demonstrate positive attitudes towards life, living, and learning, through an understanding and respect of self and others.
  4. Students will make responsible decisions, solve problems, and think critically.
  5. Students will demonstrate responsible citizenship and an understanding of global interdependence.
  6. Students will use technological resources capably, actively, and responsibly.
  7. Students will think logically and abstractly, applying mathematical and scientific principles of inquiry to solve problems, create new solutions, and communicate new ideas and relationships to real world experiences.
  8. Students will communicate knowledge, ideas, thoughts, feelings, concepts, opinions, and needs effectively and creatively using varied modes of expression.
  9. Students will learn strategies to cope with the challenges of daily living and will establish practices which promote health, fitness, and safety.
  10. Students will set short and long-term goals, will develop an awareness of career opportunities, and will be motivated to actualize their potential.