Responding to Tragedy

When a racist attack kills members of a local Sikh temple, a 2nd-grade teacher involves her students in a journey of connection and solidarity.

An Unfortunate Misunderstanding

Helping create an independent charter school seems like a dream job. But teachers, parents, and children soon confront all-too-familiar charter school woes.

Creative Conflict

A high school drama teacher searches for ways to encourage students to write about their lives without replicating stereotypes.

“Hey, Mom, I Forgive You”

An English teacher builds community as her students write a poem about forgiving or not forgiving. She starts with her own story.

A Pure Medley

In a class on culturally responsive teaching at Ithaca College, my professor, Jeff Claus, asked us to create poems of introduction. He was modeling how to use two of Linda […]

Paradise Lost

The film Paradise Lost – about the rising ocean that threatens Kiribati – proves an evocative introduction to a unit on climate change.

Challenging Corporate Ed Reform

The failures of the corporate education “reform” movement leave it vulnerable to genuine grassroots school transformation.

Sin Fronteras Boy

Fourth-grade English language learners use wikis to study border issues and gain literacy skills.

Our Grandparents’ Civil Rights Era

Second graders ask grandparents to write about their experiences during the Civil Rights Movement. The letters bring surprising wisdom – and some thought-provoking issues – to the classroom.

Rethinking the Day of Silence

When the Day of Silence doesn’t work at a middle school, staff and students look for another way to talk about LGBTQ issues.

Ban the Box!

Should the box about criminal history be eliminated from job applications? A role play helps students explore the lifelong impact of a felony conviction.