Saul Alinsky Lives!

People Power: The Community Organizing Tradition of Saul AlinskyEdited by Aaron Schutz and Mike MillerVanderbilt University Press, 2015 Fifteen years ago, I was part of a community organizing effort that […]

When They Tried to Steal Our Classrooms

Teachers learn that the district’s plan for a desperately needed school renovation is based on “100 percent utilization” — teachers will rotate through classrooms, losing the home bases students depend on. They organize to change the plan.

The Problem with Story Problems

A teacher educator critiques the biases of story problems in math textbooks. Teachers around the country offer creative alternatives.

What Happened to Spanish?

A 3rd-grade bilingual teacher describes how administrators’ anxiety about standardized test results erodes both a school’s commitment to Spanish literacy and students’ love for learning.

The Politics of the Paragraph

The tale of a high school English teacher’s journey into—and out of—formulaic writing programs as her school struggles with high-stakes exams.

Lead Poisoning

Building on the lead-poisoned water scandal in Flint, Michigan, a Chicago chemistry teacher helps her students explore lead poisoning in their own city.

“Kill the Indian, Kill the Deaf”

Parallels in the oppressive history of residential schools for Native American and Deaf children help Deaf students better understand their history and culture.

Classrooms of Hope and Critique

In the introduction to our book Rethinking Our Classrooms, we quote the late, great Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, who urged teachers to “live part of their dreams within their educational […]

Letters to the Editor 30.4

Personal Cost of War I just finished my second reading of Chris Hawking’s, “Cracking the Box: The Personal Cost of War”(winter 2015-16). Both times his story literally brought tears to my […]

Schools, Land, and Peace in Colombia

Medellín, Colombia—I knew from the invitation that this would not be a normal school visit. My wife, Barbara, and I were to travel into the Andes Mountains to visit an […]

Solar Power Comes to Math Class

A math educator brings data from a friend’s solar panels — and the story to win them in their community — into her 7th-grade classroom to build a bridge between math and climate justice education.

The 2020 Election and the World Our Students Deserve

The central tasks of the 2020 campaign are to defeat Trump and to strengthen the impact of grassroots social movements on the U.S. political system. If we pursue these goals with energy, hope, and passion, we will win a chance to build the world our students deserve.

Making Room for Death

Death happens regularly, but a special education teacher describes her own mother’s death to show how schools leave no space for grief and try to hide death from the school community.