Volume 17, No.1

Fall 2002

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  • Resources 17.1

    Policy Books

  • Shorts 17.1

    Latino high school students in Milwaukee are part of a national campaign to make college accessible to undocumented immigrant students. This October, young people from several Milwaukee schools, churches, and […]

  • E.S.E.A. Watch 17.1

    By Bob Peterson

    The federal education law is leaving English-language learners behind.

  • Keeping Public Schools Public

    Privatizers' Trojan Horse - Bush's NCLB law funnels money to for-profits, churches, voucher supporters.

    By Barbara Miner

    Have I got a deal for you! Worried about these tough economic times? There’s more than a billion dollars of Uncle Sam’s money to be made tutoring poor kids. No […]

  • Reading and Writing the World

    By Linda Christensen

    Poetry is a political action undertaken for the sake of information, the faith, the exorcism, and the lyrical invention, that telling the truth makes possible. Poetry means taking control of […]

  • Rethinking Globalization

    By Bill Bigelow

  • The Puerto Rican Vejigante

    The importance of teaching art in its social and cultural context

    The importance of teaching art in its social and cultural context.

  • The Truth About Helen Keller

    Children's books about Helen Keller distort her life

    The “Helen Keller story” that is stamped in our collective consciousness freezes her in childhood; we remember her most vividly at age seven when her teacher, Annie Sullivan, connected her […]

  • ‘Curriculum is Everything that Happens’

    A veteran offers some advice to new teachers

    By Leon Lynn

    Questions and answers with veteran teacher Rita Tenorio.

  • Teaching to Make a Difference

    Advice to New Teachers from Teachers Who've Been There

    Advice to new teachers from teachers who’ve been there:  Bill Bigelow, Stephanie Walters, Linda Christensen, Kathy Swope, Kelley Dawson, Stan Karp, David Levine, Bob Peterson and Dale Weiss

  • Getting Students Off The Track

    A new teacher questions the elitism of her school's culture and helps launch reform

    By Jessie Singer

    “Just make it through the year,” said the teacher sitting next to me at one of the first English department meetings of the school year, “Wait to think about what […]

  • Best Discipline is Good Curriculum

    Running a classroom can be easier when both students and teachers care about what's being taught

    By Kelley Dawson

    During my first year of teaching, I tried everything to get my students to behave. Behavior charts, individual plans. Class incentives. Class consequences. Tricks, incentives, threats. Rewards, punishments. Strict attitude, […]

  • It’s All about Respect

    After 26 years in the classroom, Kim Williams has learned a thing or two

    By Stacie Williams

    When Kim Williams walked into her first classroom on the southwest side of Chicago, she thought gaining students’ respect would be easy. After all, she reasoned, she had just graduated […]

  • Día de los Muertos

    A Latin-American holiday offers an opportunity for discussion and grieving

    By Dale Weiss

    Although death and dying are not topics usually covered in elementary school curricula, I had a powerful experience when I taught a unit on Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), […]

  • Teachers Beware

    By John F. Borowski

    An ecology teacher explains how science education is being undermined.

  • Black Students’ Unlikely ‘Emancipators’

    By Derrick Jackson

    In congratulating himself on upholding Cleveland’s school voucher program, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas quoted the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who said, “Education … means emancipation. It means light and […]

  • Remembering Tyson

    By Dale Weiss

    ‘I’ll never forget the first time I met Tyson…’

  • Our Lack of Compassion

    By Nora Davis

    ‘What this world needs is a little compassion…’

  • Rethinking Schools Listserv

    If you wish to be part of Rethinking Schools listserv on critical teaching and writing, send an e-mail message with the word “subscribe” in the subject field to: RScriticalteach-request@lists.execpc.com The list […]

  • Educate for Global Justice

    ‘The last year has not been an easy time for educators…’

  • The Fordham Foundation

    ‘The anniversary of Sept. 11 found the nation and our schools still wrestling uneasy…’