Volume 9, No.4

Summer 1995

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  • Funding for Justice

    A Special Report on Finance and Equity

    By the editors of Rethinking Schools.

    Why are schools for the poor underfunded? Why are urban schools increasingly populated by children of color? Why, more than 40 years after Brown v. Board of Education, are our […]

  • Savage Inequalities Four Years Later

    Rethinking Schools interviews Jonathan Kozol

    By Barbara Miner

    The following is condensed from an interview with Jonathan Kozol, author of Savage  Inequalities, Death at an Early Age and other books on children. He was interviewed by Barbara Miner […]

  • Where Has the Money Gone?

    By Richrad Rothstein

    One of the most common complaints of public school critics is that it’s useless to “throw money at the schools.” More money won’t help, they assert. It’s just pouring good […]

  • Debunking The Myth that the U.S. Spends More on Schools

    There are two myths abroad in the land concerning money and schooling. One holds that we spend more money on our schools than any other nation in the world. The […]

  • Michigan Reform: Controversy Escalates

    By Barbara Miner

    KALKASKA, Mich.— Sandwiched among the pine forests and trout streams of northern Michigan, the well-maintained schools of Kalkaska seems to belie the stereotypes that surround a financially strapped school district. […]

  • G.I. Bill Doesn’t Vouch for Vouchers

    By Robert Lowe

    Proponents of educational vouchers have cleverly packaged their proposals in language that makes them sound like irrefutably good policy. Labeling such proposals “choice,” for instance, suggests an expansion of options […]

  • Computers and Equity

    Will Poor Kids Be Left Behind on the Information Highway?

    By Leon Lynn

    If someone handed Marc Salzman a blank check, he’d run out and buy a Macintosh PowerBook for every single student at the middle school in Spanish Harlem he helps direct. […]

  • Justice and Equity

    Powerful Ideas for Powerful Kids

    By William Ayers

    In the front row of a celebrity press conference called to announce a major financial gift to Chicago school reform sat five young men: Cornell Faust, Antwoine Conaway, Kelly Floyd, […]