Volume 7, No.3

Spring 1993

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  • Beyond Pizza Sales

    Parent Involvement in the 1990’s

    Scratch the surface of parent involvement in schools and there’s no telling what you’ll find. In some schools it’s little more than rhetoric, with involvement frozen at the level of […]

  • Building Bridges with Books

    D.C. Project Puts Parents in Classrooms

    By John Rankin

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — They are urban education’s silent partners: parents with a direct stake in the quality of urban public schools but whom, for a variety of reasons, the schools […]

  • ‘We Must Act as if All the Children are ours’

    Interview with Parent Lola Glover

    The following is condensed from an interview with Lola Glover, head of the parent and community-based Coalition for Quality Education in Toledo, Ohio. Glover is also co-chair of the National […]

  • Chicago School Reform: Giving Parents Decision-making Power

    By Barbara Miner

    CHICAGO — Parent Denise Ferguson remembers the day in the spring of 1990 when the Local School Council at Hefferan Elementary School met with the principal to talk about the […]

  • Trouble over the Rainbow

    Controversy Engulfs NYC’s Multicultural Curriculum

    By Stan Karp

    In a sudden end to his three years as head of the nation’s largest school system, New York City School’s Chancellor Joseph Fernandez found a pink slip instead of a […]

  • Parents Asking the Right Question

    Boston Project Trains Parents

    By Steven Backman

    BOSTON — At 6:30 p.m., after a particularly cold winter day, about 25 public school parents gathered in a semi-circle. They sat nervously, awaiting the start of a school-related conference. […]

  • Why is Tracking Harmful?

    What to Do If Your Child is on the Track to Nowhere

    The following is adapted from an article by the National Coalition of Education Activists. The article is part of a packet on tracking entitled, “Maintaining Inequality.” Tracking is a way […]

  • Parents, the Law, and Education

    How to Protect Your Rights

    By David Schimmel

    You want to see your child’s school records, but you’re told they’re private. What can you do? Your child’s locker is searched for no apparent reason. Is that legal? Your […]

  • The Feb. 16 MPS Referendum

    Race and Property Taxes Deliver Knock-Out Punch

    The defeat of the Milwaukee Public Schools referendum can be summed up in four words: race and property taxes. No one was afraid to focus on property taxes when criticizing […]