The Power of Words

World War II, like so many other issues in history, presents the classroom teacher with an overwhelming range of topics. The rise of Nazism and fascism in Europe, the Holocaust, […]

Ed-Web: Finding Education Resources On-Line

I was supposed to be getting excited, but it felt more like déjà vu. A central office supervisor had gathered a select group into the principal’s office to tell us […]

When Schools Compete

The search for more effective ways to organize and manage state educational systems has become a global phenomenon. In recent years attention in many countries has focused on two distinct but interrelated sets of ideas.

Does Bilingual Ed Work?

Bilingual education is counterintuitive. Most people wonder: How could teaching students in their native tongue help them learn English? Many assume the idea of bilingual education is to go easy […]

Why Talk About White Privilege?

Why talk about “whiteness” and white privilege? On the one hand, these are topics that make some people uncomfortable by seeming to take them to task for privileges they never […]


Cincinnati’s teacher quality initiatives involve three separate but interrelated components: Peer Assistance and Evaluation, a 20-year-old program under which experienced teachers leave the classroom for three years to help evaluate […]

Teacher Rights, Administrator Wrongs

In recent months, there have been numerous incidents when school administrators have attempted to prohibit or otherwise discipline teachers for wearing buttons or armbands that protested the government’s involvement in the war with Iraq. We asked Rich Saks, a lawyer who works with the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association to summarize teacher rights on this matter. This is what he told us:

World Trade Organization Activity

World Trade Organization Summit on Food and Patenting You are delegates to a special summit of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This meeting has been called to debate genetic engineering […]


Back in 1920, The New Republic reported on an exercise in which the students at a New England college were asked to provide definitions of the word alien. Their answers […]

Action Education – We’re the Trouble Makers

Today, Jesse and Doris Willard teach parents and activists around the country how to fight for equitable education. Because of their work, Modesto (Calif.) City Schools are far better today […]

Student Voices 19.2

Pro Wings I grasped my seashell blue Jellies and walked over to my bed. I laid them down on my bedspread as if burying a wounded soldier. Their sides had […]

Syllabus: Introduction to Schooling in a Diverse Society

EDUC 008: Introduction to Schooling in A Diverse Society Fall 2004 Instructor: Dr. Terry BurantOffice: Schroeder Health Complex #189Office #: 288-6772Department of EDPL office #: 288-7375Email: Office Hours:Wednesdays 2-4 […]

Sources/References for The NCLB Test

Sources and References for “The NCLB Test”(Listed by question number and, where appropriate, by answer letter) by Stan Karp “Questions & Answers On NCLB” U.S. Department Of Education Website […]

Tips for Teachers

My own experiences of marginalization, invisibility, and outsider status propelled me to find ways to implement curriculum and environments that embrace, validate, and honor the life experiences and cultures of […]

Getting Back on Track

How can teachers begin to change the narrative of our nation’s founding— indeed, the way in which all history is told? We can’t wait for textbooks to catch on and […]


Josh Langworthy, a junior at Grant High School in Portland, Oregon, wrote the following essay about his “every day hero” during our Katrina unit. In addition to paying tribute to a woman who deserves it, Josh’s story also provides lessons for teachers. Who are the students in our classrooms? What are their stories? As much as NCLB would like to turn students into test scores, they arrive with a history that might help us teach them — and reach them — more effectively.

Teacher Resistance in the United Kingdom

The testing regime Melissa Schieble so accurately captures was opposed by teacher unions at its outset — but only in terms of workload, not in terms of pedagogy or the […]

Vermont May Reject Federal Money

Vermont Governor Howard Dean says he wants his state to consider refusing $26 million in federal education money to escape the testing requirements of President Bush’s education plan. Under Bush’s […]