Teaching Palestine

An interview with Palestinian educator Ziad Abbas

Jody Sokolower

Drawing on his experience growing up in a refugee camp in the West Bank and his work with youth, Abbas explores connections that bring Palestine to life for students in the United States.

Boycotting Occupation: Educators and Palestine

The Editors of Rethinking Schools

“They are targeting our children. They know our children are the future of Palestine,” a mother and community activist told Rethinking Schools editor Jody Sokolower. In this Palestinian woman’s East […]

Books About Contemporary Palestine for Children

Katharine Davies Samway

It’s difficult to find accurate books on Palestine for young readers. A former teacher educator describes resources for K-8 students, including picture books, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

Independence or Catastrophe?

Teaching Palestine through multiple perspectives

Samia Shoman

A social studies teacher uses conflicting narratives to engage students in studying the history of Palestine/Israel, focusing on the events of 1948.

From Tucson to Palestine

Gabriel Matthew Schivone

A generation ago, students led the movement in the United States to divest from apartheid South Africa. Today, student leaders are shaking Arizona as they defend Tucson’s Mexican American Studies […]

Websites on Palestine and Isreal

The following websites provide useful background information and further links. Because of space we only listed a limited number. For more links visit www.rethinkingschools.org. Note: that listing of the sites does […]

Education Under Occupation: East Jerusalem

An interview with Zakaria Odeh

Jody Sokolower

An on-the-ground account of the impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian children from the perspective of East Jerusalem.

Save Arab American Studies!

Educators Fight for Authentic Ethnic Studies

Jody Sokolower

At first it seemed that ethnic studies advocates had won a major victory in California, but then a backlash targeted Arab American studies.

Letters to the Editor 30.4

Personal Cost of War I just finished my second reading of Chris Hawking’s, “Cracking the Box: The Personal Cost of War”(winter 2015-16). Both times his story literally brought tears to my […]

Israel’s Hold on Palestinian Education

Bill Bigelow

As I drove from Jericho to Jerusalem in the West Bank I saw my first Palestinian school. It was an unremarkable building – two stories, faded yellow paint, surrounded by […]

Letters to the Editor 29.2

Restorative Justice: From the Bottom Up Finally, someone is starting the conversation about the perceived “wins” when schools districts across the country mandate restorative justice (“Restorative Justice: What It Is […]

Resources 21.1

Bill Bigelow and Deborah Menkart

Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

Quaking Conversation

Lennelle Moïse

I want to talk about Haiti.How the earth had to breakthe island’s spine to wakethe world up to her screaming. How this post-earthquake crisisis not naturalor supernatural.I want to talk […]