Websites on Palestine and Isreal

The following websites provide useful background information and further links. Because of space we only listed a limited number. For more links visit Note: that listing of the sites does not mean that Rethinking Schools agrees with all the content on the sites

The Electronic Intifada
The Electronic Intifada project is an online publication produced by a network of pro-Palestinian activists with a history of Internet and media activism, focused on one aspect of the struggle – the media struggle for a fair representation of the Palestinian point of view. Excellent articles, including historical background, myths, and media critiques.

Gush Shalom (Israeli peace movement)
A fine site of the Israeli Peace movement founded in 1993 by journalist and peace activist Uri Avnery. Excellent articles, photos, documents, and links to other sites.

The Independent Media Center – Palestine
Their mission is to help Palestinian activists organize, motivate, and inform.

Not In My Name
This group describes itself as “a Jewish Peace group that was formed in November 2000 to work for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.” Includes maps, quotes, graphs, articles, and statistics.

Middle East Report
“Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Primer.” published by The Middle East Research and Information Project. Also publishes monthly print magazine. Many background articles. MERIP is a venerable organization that has been offering astute analyses of events in the Middle East since 1971.

Palestine Remembered
A Palestinian site that documents the dispossession of Palestinians’ land. Map section is particularly powerful.

Peace Now
Peace Now, was founded in 1978 by 348 reserve officers of the Israel Defense Forces who believed that only a negotiated end to the conflict in the Middle East could bring true security to Israel. Many articles, links, and listing of activities.

Web site of the reserve officers who refused to serve in the Occupied Territories – 446, as of May 1, 2002. Their letter of refusal is listed along with their names and positions. The web portal for international supporters of the refusnicks is: