Teaching Palestine

An interview with Palestinian educator Ziad Abbas

Jody Sokolower

Drawing on his experience growing up in a refugee camp in the West Bank and his work with youth, Abbas explores connections that bring Palestine to life for students in the United States.

Palestine Teaching Resources

Our thoughts on essential resources for teaching about Palestine.

The Books I Never Had as a Child

Palestinian Children’s Literature

Nadine Foty

Weaving her own experiences with reviews of Palestinian picture books, Foty shares books as resistance to the systematic exclusion of Palestine in the curriculum.

Boycotting Occupation: Educators and Palestine

The Editors of Rethinking Schools

“They are targeting our children. They know our children are the future of Palestine,” a mother and community activist told Rethinking Schools editor Jody Sokolower. In this Palestinian woman’s East […]

What We Learned from Our “Oakland to Gaza” K–12 Teach-In

Members of the Oakland Education Association for Palestine Group

Educators in Oakland share the dramatic story of what happened when they organized a teach-in for Palestine.

No, Anti-Zionism Is Not Antisemitism

Bill Bigelow

Bigelow describes a new lesson on the roots of the violence in Palestine — and argues that history shows that anti-Zionism is not automatically antisemitism.

As an Arab American Muslim Mother, Here Is the Education I Want for My Children

Nina Shoman-Dajani

A Palestinian American mother describes the alienation that she felt in school, and how she draws on her experiences to imagine the schooling she wants for her children.

Books About Contemporary Palestine for Children

Katharine Davies Samway

It’s difficult to find accurate books on Palestine for young readers. A former teacher educator describes resources for K-8 students, including picture books, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

Independence or Catastrophe?

Teaching Palestine through multiple perspectives

Samia Shoman

A social studies teacher uses conflicting narratives to engage students in studying the history of Palestine/Israel, focusing on the events of 1948.

Israel’s War on Gaza Is Also a War on History, Education, and Children

Jesse Hagopian

Hagopian connects the attacks in the United States on teaching about race and gender to Israel’s attacks on children, schools, and historical memory in Palestine.