Free-Market Education

Graphic evidence that school vouchers do not guarantee school quality in Milwaukee.


Labelling schools low-performing” has consequences for all.”

Vouchers and Public Accountability

Public schools face increasing scrutiny while private voucher schools are allowed to operate with almost no oversight. Why the double standard?

The Trouble with the Common Core

It isn’t easy to find common ground on the Common Core. Already hailed as the “next big thing” in education reform, the Common Core State Standards are being rushed into […]

School Closures Rock Philadelphia

This spring, the School District of Philadelphia voted to close down 24 schools, about one in 10 public schools, affecting nearly 10,000 students across the district. The vote followed months […]

Rethinking School Reform

Rethinking School Reform puts classrooms and teaching at the center of the debate over how to improve public schools. Drawing on some of the best writing from the quarterly journal […]