Volume 17, No.3

Spring 2003

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  • No Comment 17.3

    Poetry Cancelled

    Poetry Cancelled

  • Black Over-representation in Special Education Not Confined to Segregation States

    By Joel McNally

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  • Resources 17.3

    Resources for teaching about war

    Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

  • Shorts 17.3

    School Named for Civil Rights Leader

    School Named for Civil Rights Leader

  • Resources for Sexism Unit

    BOOKS Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics, by bell hooks (South End Press, 2000). This book contains accessible theoretical essays. The introductory essay provides a great overview of feminism and sexism. […]

  • Student Page 17.3

    Two Voices

    Two Voices

  • Ed Web 17.3

    By Stan Karp

    IRAQJOURNAL.ORG This may turn out to be the web’s “first war.” During the Gulf War in 1991, it was 24-hour cable news coverage, especially from CNN, that became a factor […]

  • Good Stuff 17.3

    By Herbert Kohl

    VOYAGING ACROSS CULTURES Caravan to America: Living Arts of the Silk Road, Major, John S. and Belanus, Betty J. (forward by Yo-Yo Ma). (Chicago: Cricket Books/A Marcato Book, 2002). Math […]

  • Keeping Public Schools Public

    Privatizers' Trojan Horse - Bush's NCLB law funnels money to for-profits, churches, voucher supporters.

    By Barbara Miner

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  • Letters 17.3

    Helen Keller I was quite interested to see your article “The Truth about Helen Keller,” by Ruth Shagoury Hubbard [Fall 2002 issue]. It is true that many books for children […]

  • Fund the Schools, Not the War

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  • A Ghetto Within a Ghetto

    African-American Students are Over-Represented in Special Education Programs

    By Joel McNally

    African-American students are over-represented in special ed.

  • Seventh Graders and Sexism

    A New Teacher Helps her Students Analyze Gender Stereotypes in the Media

    By Lisa Espinosa

    A new teacher puts theory into action in her Chicago classroom.

  • Colorado Upholds the Right to Bilingual Education

    By Padres Unidos

    A community group reflects on the successful struggle against Unz.

  • Proposed Budget Cuts Trigger Student Walkouts

    A Portland High School Student Responds to the State's Brutal Cuts

    By Alex Diamond

    A Portland high school student responds to the state’s brutal cuts.

  • Focus on Affirmative Action

    The Great Demancipator

    By Derrick Z. Jackson

    Two op-eds expose Bush’s hypocrisy on affirmative action.

  • E.S.E.A. Watch 17.3

    Equity Claims for NCLB Don't Pass the Test

    By Stan Karp

    Equity claims for NCLB don’t pass the test.