Volume 8, No.4

Summer 1994

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  • Race and Respect Among Young Children

    One Teacher’s Journey

    By Rita Tenorio

    When Angela came to talk to me, she was close to tears. With a sympathetic “witness” on each side, she said, “Matt called me a name. I don’t like it.” […]

  • Stonewall Rebellion: A Powerful Lesson

    On June 28, 1969, police launched one of their periodic raids on the New York gay community. This time the target was the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich […]

  • Charter Schools: Reform Model or Privatization Scheme?

    The following is condensed from an interview with Ann Bastian, a Senior Program Officer at the New World Foundation in New York. Bastian is also a college history teacher and […]

  • The Year in Review

    Focus on Charter Schools, Privatization, and Financing

    The school year got off to a rough start in two of the three largest school districts in the nation: it didn’t start. Problems with asbestos and facilities delayed the […]

  • Goals 2000 Skirts Equity Issues

    By Bob Peterson

    Perhaps my skepticism of Goals 2000 has its roots in the fact that George Bush was the first president to endorse it. Or maybe because it has its origins in […]

  • Women, Men, Rap, and Respect: A Dialogue

    The following interview is with Ajagbe Adewole-Jimenez and Dan’etta Adewole-Jimenez. Ajagbe was formerly student government president at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), where he participated in a take-over by […]

  • Teaching Torch Song: Gay Literature in the Classroom

    By Marvin Hoffman

    On a semester’s leave recently, I worked with colleagues and preservice teachers in an intensive professional-semester course. We read together Harvey Fierstein’s Torch SongTrilogy. For readers unfamiliar with Torch Song, […]