Volume 6, No.4

Summer 1992

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  • Protecting Our Children

    Schools Confront the Reality of AIDS

    By Barbara Miner

    Les Willis has what is arguably the most controversial job in all of education. He makes condoms available to high school students. Willis is a social worker with the Medical […]

  • One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

    Year in Review

    Snowstorms closed Milwaukee public schools only one day this year. Riots closed some Los Angeles schools for two. If Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist had his way, he’d probably close public […]

  • We Can Counter Budget Cut Backs

    The Rodney King beating and subsequent rebellion in Los Angeles show that the economic and political looting of the communities of color in this country must come to an end. […]

  • The Promise of Multiculturalism

    Democratic Values Demand Honest History

    By Alan Singer

    A current television advertisement for Colonial Williamsburg opens with a citizen’s militia gathering on the town square. The voice-over tells viewers that these Americans, who all appear to be white, […]

  • What Do We Say When We Hear ‘Faggot’?

    By Lenore Gordon

    Alice is eleven. She walks down the school halls with her arm around her best friend, Susan. During lunch, they sit on the floor holding hands or combing each other’s […]

  • Sex Harassment in Our Schools

    By Nan Stein

    Stephen Clayton Jones brought national acclaim to the band at Masterman Demonstration High School in Philadelphia. Students worked hard to get into his orchestra, even practicing in the hallways and […]

  • Language, Gender, and Teaching

    By Deborah Tannen

    When I researched and wrote my latest book, You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation, the furthest thing from my mind was reevaluating my teaching strategies. But that […]

  • Channel One Invades Schools

    By Michael Apple

    Your school may not receive Channel One, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t affected by this “news” program broadcast to thousands of schools. Channel One is a harbinger of things […]

  • ‘We Are Not Extras’

    A Native American Perspective on Indian Mascots

    By Richard MacPhie

    For those of us who love baseball, the 1991 World Series was the sweetest Twin Cities event … well, since the 1987 World Series. The ‘91 series had lots of […]

  • Two Valuable Books on Columbus

    By Bill Bigelow

    Encounter, Jane Yolen (illustrated by David Shannon), Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, San Diego, 1992. $14.95. Colonialism in the Americas: A Critical Look, Susan Gage (illustrated by Don McNair), Victoria International Development […]

  • ‘Newsies’ Brings Home Labor Issues to Kids

    By Stan Karp

    The news about Newsies, the Disney musical based on the story of streetwise city kids who battled New York’s newspaper giants with their spirit and solidarity at the turn of […]