Volume 6, No.3

Spring 1992

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  • The Illusion of ‘Choice’

    For nearly 150 years public education has been deeply embedded in the civil landscape of the United States. Though long enshrined as a fundamental public good, public schools have been […]

  • Reform vs. Scapegoating

    Examining Proposals for Improving MPS

    By Bob Peterson

    For public officials and mass media in Wisconsin, criticizing the Milwaukee Public Schools has become almost as popular as criticizing welfare. Such criticism has struck a responsive chord among many […]

  • Support Fuller’s $324 Million Building Plan

    Classes held in corridors, special education students being taught in storage closets, schools without art or music rooms — these are just some of the appalling conditions that Milwaukee Public […]

  • Cincinnati: Teachers Evaluating Teachers

    By Barbara Miner

    Diana Porter, who has been teaching in the Cincinnati public schools for 20 years, has been evaluated by the administration three times: after her first and third years, and once […]

  • Recession Goes to the Head of the Class

    Budget Cuts at Odds with Rhetoric of Reform

    By Stan Karp

    Recession is replacing reform as the “4th R in the nation’s classrooms this year. Cutbacks and budget crises brought on by the economic slump are wreaking havoc, and reform promises […]

  • If We Really Want to Change Our Schools…

    By Jonathan Kozol

    The most elemental question is presented here: Do we value our lives equally in the U.S.? Do we place the fragile body of a poor, black woman in Chicago on […]

  • Experimenting with Assessment

    MPS School Says ‘No’ to Standardized Tests

    By Barbara Miner

    It’s Monday morning in Lisa Trewyn’s class, and her fourth grade students at Garfield Elementary School in Milwaukee are bringing in their latest “box project.” Using everything from match boxes […]

  • Building a School Culture of High Standards

    By Ron Berger

    As a 6th grade teacher, my concept of a culture of high standards includes high standards for kindness and cooperation as well as for academic work. Just as I emphasize […]

  • Teachers, Culture, and Power

    An Interview with African-American Educator Lisa Delpit

    Following is an interview with Lisa Delpit, an African-American educator who has written several prominent articles on teaching reading and writing to children of color. Her articles have focused, in […]

  • Who Are These Guys?

    Corporate Involvement in the ‘New American Schools’

    By Douglas D. Noble

    Within the next few months, leaders of some of the nation’s largest corporations will make the final selection of a handful of designs for “New American Schools.” This selection promises […]