Volume 5, No.4

Summer 1991

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  • Tough Times Under Tommy

    Wisconsin Budget Crisis Hits Children & Schools

    By Barbara Miner

    The first kindergarten in the United States was founded in 1856 in Watertown, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee residents have traditionally benefitted from that legacy. Four-year-old kindergarten has been taken for granted […]

  • Unlearning the Myths that Bind Us

    Students Examine Stereotypes in Children’s Stories and Films

    By Linda Christensen

    I was nourished on the milk of American culture: I cleaned the dwarfs’ house and waited for Prince Charming to bring me life, I played Minnie Mouse to Mickey’s flower-bearing […]

  • Budget Cuts: Slicing and Dicing Children’s Futures

    As school budget cuts sweep across the country, tens of thousands of parents and teachers are organizing to protect our children. While we confront this current crisis, we must also […]

  • Year in Review: A Rethinking Schools Analysis

    By Barbara Miner

    Yellow ribbons still hang from school doors reminding us that the Gulf War was perhaps the most significant event this past school year. But we must not forget that some […]

  • Bush Plan: New Paint on an Old Jalopy

    Bush Pushes Privatization of Education, National Testing

    By Barbara Miner

    President George Bush has seized on the politically appealing but educationally disastrous concept of school “choice” as the centerpiece of an otherwise ho-hum education initiative. The initiative, announced with much […]

  • Educators Criticize National Tests

    As educators, parents, and civil rights advocates, we strongly support improving assessment as part of school reform. However, we believe that most current efforts to establish a national test to […]

  • Budget Cuts Imperil Children

    Across the Country, Schools Forced to do More With Less

    By Barbara Miner

    School board members in Richmond, Calif., took drastic action in late April to resolve their budget problem. They filed for bankruptcy, made their last payroll, and sent a letter to […]

  • “And Then I Went to School”

    Memories of a Pueblo Childhood

    By Joe Suina

    I lived with my grandmother when I was five through nine years of age. It was the early fifties when electricity had not yet entered our Pueblo homes. The village […]

  • New Global Map Presents Accurate View of the World

    By Ward L. Kaiser

    Recently a university professor asked his students to rank certain countries by size. Included in the list were France, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, Italy and Japan. Overwhelmingly, Brazil was put […]

  • Rethinking the Curriculum

    Educators grapple with the problems and potential of change

    The Coalition of Essential Schools is a national coalition of schools pursuing progressive educational change. Organizers of the Coalition’s 1990 annual fall forum offered participants the option of working in […]

  • Reflections on African American Immersion Schools

    By Stan Karp

    In April, the 1954 Supreme Court decision which overturned “separate but equal” schools and led to the struggle to integrate public education was made into a heroic TV mini-series staring […]