Volume 5, No.1

October/November 1990

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  • Selma Students Tied to the Track

    By Stan Karp

    In 1965 the courage of civil rights marchers in the face of police violence on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, aroused the nation and sped passage of the […]

  • Once Upon a Genocide…

    A Review of Christopher Columbus in Children’s Literature

    By Bill Bigelow

    Children’s biographies of Christopher Columbus function as primers on racism and colonialism. These books teach youngsters to accept the right of white people to rule over people of color, of […]

  • Oppose Class Size Increases!

    It is ironic that in the same month that Superintendent Peterkin put forth his 30 goals and objectives to improve education in Milwaukee, he raised class size limits, virtually assuring […]

  • Classroom Spaces, Teacher Choices

    By William Ayers

    Among Schoolchildrenby Tracy Kidder Houghton Mifflin Company340 pages, $19.95 Tracy Kidder should stick to writing about houses. Or computers. Or Yuba City. Anything but schools. His popular account of one […]

  • Bringing the World into the Math Class

    By Claudia Zaslavesky

    Children in our schools come from a multiplicity of ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds. How can our teaching of mathematics respond to the diverse needs and learning styles of the […]

  • Mixed-Ability Schooling: A Radical Proposition

    By Jeannie Oakes

    The 19th-century common school symbolizes our heritage and commitment to democratic education. Yet for the past sixty years educators have developed separate curricula and grouped students according to ability in […]

  • National Coalition of Education Activists

    Editors Note: The National Coalition of Educational Activists (NCEA) is a multi-racial organization which unites parents, teachers, and community members who are working for fundamental school reform in the United […]

  • Choice: Cheaper Schools for the Rich

    By Jeff Edmundson

    Choice. It’s the American way, right? Under the banner of choice, a national movement is demanding that students have tax supported options for education other than their local schools. Minnesota […]