Volume 4, No.4

Summer 1990

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  • Giving Education the Business

    By Stan Karp

    Billy Tashman teaches science in an East Harlem junior high school. As he wrote in an article for New York Newsday, “Where I teach science, we have no microscopes, scales […]

  • Roadblocks to Reform: The Year In Review

    Disappointment. Frustration. Some glimmers of hope. Another school year has passed and despite sincere efforts by many people little visible evidence exists that much substantive school reform is actually taking […]

  • Whose America is This Anyway?

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us, Mr. Sobol

    By LynNell Hancock

    In the early ‘60s a debate shook the shingles in my little Midwestern town: should the public school teach us about Russia? Most adults were afraid that, among other things, […]

  • Ninja Turtles: Commercial Hype on the Half Shell

    Rethinking Schools Movie Review

    By Bob Peterson

    “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are teaching us how to fight and do bad things,” wrote seven year old Katie Castañeda when I asked what the Turtles were teaching children. […]

  • Curriculum With a Conscience – Part II

    NYC (New Youth Connections) A monthly newspaper written by high school students in New York. The articles tend to be thoughtful, their views and approaches varied. Student readers hear the […]

  • Poetry: Reinventing the Past, Rehearsing the Future

    By Linda Christensen

    Before I started writing this article, I asked students in my Contemporary Literature and Society class why teachers should teach poetry. The quotes used throughout the article are a result […]

  • Remedies for Racism in Our Schools

    Imperatives for America's Schools

    By Gerald J. Pine and Asa G. Hillard III

    Every time we are almost convinced that the nation is rising above the muck of racism, there come reminders of how little headway we have made—even at eliminating the most […]