Curriculum With a Conscience – Part II

NYC (New Youth Connections)

A monthly newspaper written by high school students in New York.

The articles tend to be thoughtful, their views and approaches varied. Student readers hear the voices of “kids like us.” The newspaper rings with the vibrancy of concerned teens writing on subjects of both personal significance and societal import. Last year issues of the newspaper focused on such concerns as “Voting and Political Participation,” “Science and Math,” and “Families.” Recommended especially for secondary English, language arts, and social studies classes.

Cost for 10 copies each of 8 monthly issues is $50. (Subscription packages of other sizes are available. Write or call for rates.) New Youth Connections, 135 W. 20th St., 6th floor, NY, NY 10011. Phone: 212-242-3270.

Handbook for Teaching American History

This two-volume supplement is packed with reproducible handouts and suggestions for a high school US history course. Activities are presented chronologically and encourage a wide variety of teaching/learning approaches. Students are often directed to place themselves in the midst of a particular historical controversy and come up with creative solutions. It includes activities to teach students methodology for oral and family history projects. Also included are handy guides where students learn to detect bias in historical sources.

A Guidebook for Teaching United States History, by Tedd Levy and Donna Collins Krasnow, published by Allyn and Bacon, Inc., 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02210. Copyright 1977.

Housing and Homelessness: A Teaching Guide

In preparation for the National Housing Now March in Washington D.C., last October 7th, Housing Now, a coalition of 100 groups, in cooperation with Fox Television, produced a teaching guide and 15 minute video for use in grades 4 – 12. The guide, which is being distributed nationally by Jobs with Peace and Housing Now, deals with all aspects of housing and homelessness. For more information write to Housing Now, 425 Second St., NW Washington D.C. 20001. (202-347-2305.)

A New View of the World: A Handbook to the World Map: Peters Projection

An easy to read guide on how to view bias in maps and use the new Peters Projection map. The guide critiques the commonly used Mercator Projection map which gives a grossly distorted view of the world (Europe which is 3.8 million square miles appears larger than South America which is 6.9 million square miles). The guide is written by Ward L. Kaiser, published by Friendship Press, NY. $3.95. 48pp. Both the Peter Project map ($8.95) and the guide are available from Northern Sun Merchandising, 2916 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55406.

Literacy from the Inside Out

A practical and theoretical booklet on literacy work among adults from a critical perspective that draws on the strengths and experiences of adults, yet helps them critique their own social situation. Written by Rachael Martin, 1989. Available from Rachael Martin, 302 Arlington Street, Watertown, MA 02172, $5.00.

Thinking and Rethinking U.S. History

Perhaps the most thorough and outstanding critique of the race, class, gender and cultural bias in US history textbooks that has ever been done. The book is highly practical with concrete information and lesson ideas that teachers can use to counter the omissions and fabrications that are prevalent in most history textbooks. It is another outstanding publication of the Council on Interracial Books for Children, 1821 Broadway, NY, NY, 10023. The Book is edited by Gerald Horne. 1988. Ask for their new catalog.

Columbus: His Enterprise

This book is at an advanced junior high or high school level, but is essential for all teachers to read to begin to overcome the years of myths we’ve been fed about Columbus. In a succinct , scholarly fashion, Hans Koning depicts Columbus for who he was and frankly describes the horrendous consequences Columbus’s actions had on the people and their environment. Monthly Review Press, 1976, $6.00.

Skipping Stones Magazine

A new quarterly children’s magazine that describes itself as a “non-profit, multiethnic children’s forum.” In each issue there are children’s writings and drawings from at least six to ten cultures. Some of the writing is in Spanish. A good investment for your elementary school or classroom library. $15/year. Order from Skipping Stones, 80574 Hazelton Road, Cottage Grove, OR 97424. (503) 942-9434.

Apartheid is Wrong

A curriculum kit for young people produced by Educators Against Apartheid. There is a filmstrip and cassette ($17) or a separate 280 page three ring binder curriculum ($18) that includes reproducible lesson ideas on social studies, math, and language arts. Purchased together the cost is $28. Write : Educators Against Apartheid, 164-04 Goethals Avenue, NY 11432.

Harriet Tubman, Apartheid is Bad, and Other Plays for Young People

By Paula Bower. The booklet includes short plays on: African-American leaders such as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Fannie Lou Hamer; school integration; Howard Beach; and Apartheid. The plays were written for children in grades 1 and 2 but can be adapted for use with people of all ages. 22 pages. $6.00. Available from Paula Bower, 625 Linden Avenue, Teaneck, NJ 07666.

Math Comes Alive: Activities from Many Cultures.

by Claudia Zaslavsky. The 64 open ended activities and games in this reproducible book focus on the practical applications, the fun and the history of mathematics. 242 pages, $19.95, 1987. Order from J. Weston Walch, Publisher, 321 Valley ST. PO Box 658, Portland, Maine 04104-0658, $19.95.

Catalogs Worth Ordering:

The following catalogs are filled with quality, hard to get posters, books, curricula, etc. Write and ask for a free catalog.

  • Syracuse Cultural Workers, Box 6367, Syracuse, N.Y. 13217.
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children’s Early Childhood Resources Catalog, NAEYC, 1834 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20009-5786.
  • National Women’s History Project, PO Box 3716, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.
  • Council on Interracial Books for Children, 1841 Broadway, New York, NY (They have just published an updated catalogue.)
  • Zephyr Press, 3865 E. 34th St, #101, PO Box 13448-A Dept. 11, Tucson, Arizona 85732-3448.
  • Northern Sun Merchandising, 2916 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55406.
  • Everyone’s Kids Books Newsletter, catalogue of the best in non-sexist, multiracial children’s book. Everyone’s Kids Books, 71 Elliott St., Brattleboro, VT 05301.

Newsletters Worth Ordering

Central America in the Classroom, a publication of the Network of Educators’ Committees on Central America, Subscription $15/year. Write Central America in the Classroom, PO box 43509, Washington D.C. 20010-9509. (202) 667-2618.

Newsletter of Educators Against Racism and Apartheid, 164-04 Goethals Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432. $10/year

If you missed the first supplement of Decent Curriculum, send $2.00 to Rethinking Schools, 1001 E. Keefe, Milwaukee WI 53212 and ask for Vol. 4, No. 2.