Volume 4, No.3

Spring 1990

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  • Selma Confronts Tracking

    By David Levine

    In 1965, the moral imagination of the United States focused on the struggle against segregation in Selma, Alabama. Millions of Americans watched police brutally club civil rights marchers when Martin […]

  • The Seduction of “Choice”

    Why the New Assignment Plan Should be Postponed and Redone

    On February 10, Superintendent Peterkin’s office released a report suggestingnew ways to assign students in the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). The report hasgenerated an uproar among parents and educators in […]

  • Class Size: A Key Reform

    By Bob Peterson

    When class sizes get smaller, teacher-student contact is increased, classroom management improves, individualization is more likely to occur, student and teacher attitudes improve, teacher stress decreases, and teachers are more […]

  • Fostering Self-Discipline

    By Tim Duax

    I can still remember Sammy from my first year of teaching. He was the willowy kid who bugged the day-lights out of me, as well as the kids in the […]

  • Israel’s Hold on Palestinian Education

    By Bill Bigelow

    As I drove from Jericho to Jerusalem in the West Bank I saw my first Palestinian school. It was an unremarkable building – two stories, faded yellow paint, surrounded by […]

  • Parent Power in Chicago

    Chicago Parents Struggle to Institute Radical New School Reforms

    By Stan Karp

    “This is what we were hollering about in the ’60s,” says teacher and union activist George Schmidt, speaking about the radical changes taking place in Chicago schools this year. “This […]

  • Earth Day 1990

    By Beth Heinecamp

    On Sunday, April 22, Milwaukee will celebrate Earth Day 1990. This event will be the largest Earth Day celebration the city has ever hosted. The Milwaukee Earth Day Coalition, organizer […]

  • Books to Inspire Environmental Awareness

    A Sense of Wonder

    By Pete Angilello and Lee Bock

    If a child is to keep the inborn sense of wonder without any such gift from the fairies, (the child) needs the companionship of at least one adult who can […]

  • What are our Children Learning?

    By Bob Peterson

    On first thought, the Milwaukee Public Schools social studies textbook adoption process and the movies Born on the Fourth of July and Roger and Me don’t seem to have much […]