Volume 22, No.4

Summer 2008

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  • “The Laptops Are Coming! The Laptops Are Coming!”

    What I am learning from my school's infatuation with computers

    By Sarah Heller McFarlane

    Things to think about before the laptops arrive in your classroom.

  • A Time to End the Silences

    By Editors of Rethinking Schools

    When texts don’t talk about racism

  • Prophet Motives

    Does the charter movement stimulate reform or spur more privatization?

    Any discussion of charter schools must ask not only whether charters promote a worthwhile vision of public education

  • Fault Lines in Merit Pay

    By Sam Coleman

    Far from addressing the systemic

  • City Teaching; Beyond the Stereotypes

    By Gregory Michie

    For city teachers

  • Rethinking MySpace

    Using social networking tools to connect with students

    By Antero Garcia

    As an educator constantly searching for ways to use popular culture in my classroom

  • Childhood Is Dying

    Yes, there are children in Iraq

    By Dahr Jamail, Ahmed Ali

    Iraq’s children have been more gravely affected by the U.S. occupation than any other segment of the population.”

  • Empire or Humanity?

    What the classroom didn't teach me about the American Empire

    By Howard Zinn

    The American Empire has always been a bipartisan project—Democrats and Republicans have taken turns extending it

  • Putting a Human Face on the Immigration Debate

    A unit on immigration with Spanish-language students

    By Steven Picht-Trujillo, Paola Ledezma

    For those of us working with immigrant populations, we have in our students living examples that we can use to bring the immigration issue to the forefront and teach all of our students.

  • An Open Letter to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund from the Association of Raza Educators

    The Association of Raza Educators implores you: open your scholarships to all students of Hispanic descent regardless of citizenship.

  • Everything Flowers

    By Lisa Espinosa

    I noted the biased curriculum… the absence of lessons on the Chicano movement or other aspects of my history and culture

  • Pump Up the Blowouts

    By Gilda L. Ochoa

    This year is the 40th anniversary of the Chicana/o School Blowouts

  • Review: Our Dignity Can Defeat Anyone

    By Julie Treick O'Neill

    By Julie Treick O’Neill A review of the film Maquilapolis [City of Factories]

  • Resources 22.4

    Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

  • Letters to the Editors 22.4

    Purposeful Silence I have been reading Rethinking Schools for twenty years, ever since I was a sole Asian American student in Bill Bigelow and Linda Christensen’s class at Jefferson High School, where I […]

  • Short Stuff 22.4

    New Era, New Agenda Federal education policy is “inconsistent and shortsighted,” despite more than two decades of reform sparked by the release of A Nation at Risk, according to the Forum […]

  • Kids in the Middle

    The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in Our Commercialized WorldBy Susan Linn(The New Press, 2008) Fires in the Middle School Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from Middle SchoolersBy Kathleen Cushman and Laura […]