Volume 22, No.1

Fall 2007

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  • Backpedaling Toward Plessy

    By Robert Lowe

    When the Supreme Court overturned two desegregation plans, the majority opinion was based on a distortion of both programs, and of the history of desegregation in general.

  • Editorial: Our Billionaire Philanthropist Problem – and Yours

    the Editors of Rethinking Schools

    Bill Gates and Eli Broad’s Ed in ’08 campaign isn’t as wonderful as supporters make it sound.

  • Remembering Asa Hilliard

    By Kathy Williams

    As an African-American educator who came of age in the 1960s, I am constantly balancing my revolutionary spirit with the practical realities of professional life within the public school system. […]

  • The Passing of a Great Black Educator

    Remembering Asa Hilliard

    By Bob Peterson

    – The editors

  • ‘This Madness Must Cease’

    A Chapter on the Vietnam War from Howard Zinn's A Young People's History of the United States [Volume 2]

    A chapter on the Vietnam War from Howard Zinn’s A Young People’s History of the United States (Vol. 2). This includes a discussion guide and resource list.

  • Bring the War Home — to Our Classrooms

    By Bob Peterson

    The Iraq Moratorium” campaign is one route for students and teachers to discuss and debate the Iraq War and the antiwar movement.”

  • The Re-militarized Zone

    By Jill Colvin

    Military recruiters troll New York City high schools for new soldiers, but, of course, they say this isn’t about targeting poor minorities.

  • America’s Child Soldier Problem

    Militaries around the world exploit childhood vulnerablilities

    By Terry J. Allen

    The world’s armies — including the United States’ — exploit childhood vulnerabilities.

  • History Textbooks: “Theirs” and “Ours”

    By John DeRose

    Teachers must get students to dig deeper than the official” history.”

  • ‘We Do Not Want America to Represent Torture’

    By the Rethinking Schools editors

    It was supposed to be an easy photo-op with President Bush. But two Presidential Scholars recount to Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman how and why they turned it into a protest.

  • Beware The Jargon Factory

    An excerpt from Jonathan Kozol's Letters to a Young Teacher

    A chapter from Kozol’s Letters to a Young Teacher reminds us that nothing good comes from parroting consultant gibberish such as metamoments” and “interactional time.”

  • ‘We Need To Know This!’

    Student power and curriculum

    By Jody Sokolower

    Allowing students to guide the curriculum can lead them to powerful moments of discovery.

  • Race: Some Teachable–and Uncomfortable–Moments

    By Heidi Tolentino

    A tense moment opens the door to a deeper discussion on race than this teacher intended.

  • Revisiting Ruby Payne

    The New York Times gives poverty player a pass

    By Anita Perna Bohn

    The New York Times Magazine was in a good position to pierce Payne’s flash and rhetoric. Instead, they gave her an uncritical

  • Teaching for Change

    By the Editors

    Rethinking Schools challenges readers to support an endangered, yet valuable teacher resource project.

  • Discovering Andrew Clements

    A teacher educator finds a cache of social action novels for young people

    By Katy Swalwell

    A graduate student discovers a cache of social justice novels for young people.

  • Resources 22.1

    Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

  • Short Stuff 22.1

    Resegregation Continues White public school students are becoming less isolated from minority students, new analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center shows. However, it’s nothing to cheer about. “Even as the […]

  • Wars Then and Now

    An interview with Howard Zinn

    By Fred McKissack

    Zinn spoke with managing editor Fred McKissack about what teachers can do to discuss America’s conflicts

  • Action Education – We’re the Trouble Makers

    By Fred McKissack

    Today, Jesse and Doris Willard teach parents and activists around the country how to fight for equitable education. Because of their work, Modesto (Calif.) City Schools are far better today […]

  • Good Stuff 22.1

    By Herbert Kohl

    Big History: From the Big Bang to the PresentBy Cynthia Stokes Brown(New Press, 2007)304 pages, $25.95 The BombBy Theodore Taylor(Harcourt Paperback, 2007) 200 pages, $6.95 Cynthia Brown has written a book […]

  • Action Education – Learning From Jena

    By Fred McKissack

    The sight of hundreds of buses rolling into Jena, La., carrying tens of thousands to rally for the Jena 6 was a reminder that the fight for civil rights is […]

  • Letters to the Editors 22.1

    Haikus Lift Students Prior to teaching my 6th graders about Japanese haiku, we had heard a talk by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, an Iraqi-American, who conveyed to kids some of the […]