Volume 20, No.2

Winter 2005/2006

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  • Possible Questions for Toy Store Investigations

    By Sudie Hoffman

    How are the aisles labeled? How do you know where the boys’ and girls’ sections are? Which sections are larger? What types of toys are in each section? List exact […]

  • Resources 20.2

    Check out these valuable resources, reviewed by Rethinking Schools editors and Teaching for Change colleagues.

  • Roles for Katrina Role Play

    By Ian McFeat

    For the complete roles

  • Questioning Scripted Curricula

    By Barbara Miner

    Katherine Dorr, in her third year of teaching first graders in one of LA’s poorest schools, likens Center X to a tiny voice in a corner of her brain that […]

  • Short Stuff 20.2

    Quality in Texas In Texas, students in low-income schools are more likely to be taught by less experienced, poorly qualified teachers, according to a recent study by University of Texas […]

  • Discussion and Writing Questions

    What reaction do you have to the conditions that workers faced at Grady Hospital? What were the health and safety issues for the laundry workers? Why did the laundry workers […]

  • Strange Stuff 20.2

    Intelligent Revenge In early November, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson said the people of Dover, Penn., might suffer for electing school board members who believe the teaching of “intelligent design” is […]

  • Action Education: Getting in Touch 20.2

    The movement for educational justice gains momentum as more educators and community members get involved. Here’s how to contact the organizations profiled in “Taking Teacher Quality into Their Own Hands.”

  • All Roles Together

    The Bush Administration The Indictment: You are responsible for the horrendous, barbaric conditions experienced by the peoples of Louisiana and surrounding states after Hurricane Katrina. It must be shouted, said loudly, […]

  • Examples of Good Multicultural and Anti-Bias Literature

    By Janet Schmidt

    Teachers can use multicultural literature to teach about justice and fairness, anti-bias actions, and the cultures of the world. Some books do a beautiful job of stimulating interest without simplifying […]

  • Cincinnati

    By Barbara Miner

    Cincinnati’s teacher quality initiatives involve three separate but interrelated components: Peer Assistance and Evaluation, a 20-year-old program under which experienced teachers leave the classroom for three years to help evaluate […]

  • Why Center X?

    The following is excerpted from the Center X Mission Statement

  • The Work, Not Just the Book

    By Herbert Kohl

    I read Walter Dean Myers’ latest book, Autobiography of My Dead Brother and was so taken by this tale about murder, the mean streets, and the power of music and art to […]

  • Does Improved Teacher Quality Lead to Improved Student Learning?

    By Barbara Miner

    Such a question is inherently tricky, in part because measures of student learning are multi-faceted and embrace not only academic questions but matters of social development and civic awareness. Union […]

  • Letters 20.2

    Segregation Then and Now The excerpt from Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation (Volume 20, No. 1) was a passionate, effective indictment of the state of public education and the political, […]

  • Suggested Recordings

    These are the albums and individual tracks used in the lesson plan on the birth of rock and roll and the rise of popular youth culture.

  • Introduction: Teacher Quality

    By Catherine Capellaro

    No matter where we fall on the political spectrum, one point of agreement is that children deserve quality teachers. What becomes more contentious is how society defines “quality” teachers and […]

  • Getting to the Heart of Quality Teaching

    By the Editors of Rethinking Schools

    Catchy slogans, top-down mandates and shallow reforms won’t improve teacher quality. Real progress will only happen if teachers, parents, teacher unions and school and community leaders all play a role.

  • Teacher Organizers Take Quality into Their Own Hands

    Details on teacher-quality initiatives taking root around the country.

  • Transforming Teacher Education

    UCLA's Center Xsets out to help Los Angeles' struggling schools

    By Barbara Miner

    UCLA’s Center Xsets out to help Los Angeles’ struggling schools.

  • Conversations on Quality

    An interview with Deborah Meier

    By Catherine Capellaro

    The visionary school reformer discusses quality teaching, race and class, and the shortcomings of No Child Left Behind.

  • Teachers Teaching Teachers

    In Portland, teachers work together to create teacher-centered professional development

    By Linda Christensen

    In Portland, teachers work together to create teacher-centered professional development.

  • Cincinnati’s Teacher Union Tackles Quality

    Despite complexities and shortcomings, the district's teacher quality initiatives are making a difference

    By Barbara Miner

    It’s difficult and complex work, but this city’s teacher quality initiatives are making a difference.  

  • Conversations on Quality

    An interview with Gloria Ladson-Billings

    By Wayne Au

    One of the leading scholars of the education of African Americans says quality education means addressing issues like educational equity and true desegregation, and judging educational quality on a lot more than test scores. 

  • Teacher Education Left Behind

    How NCLB harms the preparation of new teachers

    By Doug Selwyn

    How NCLB harms the preparation of new teachers.

  • Tips for Working with StudentTeachers

    By Alana Murray

    Practical advice for helping new educators find their feet in the real world of teaching.

  • Miles of Aisles of Sexism

    Helping students investigate toy stores

    By Sudie Hofmann

    Helping students investigate toy stores – where sex-role stereotypes and the “glory” of war are being sold to kids.

  • Teaching Brown in Tuscaloosa

    Learning about their community's civil rights history inspires students to action

    By Alison Schmitke

    How students were inspired by learning about their community’s civil rights history.

  • Lessons in Solidarity

    Grady Hospital Laundry Workers United

    By Larry Miller

    A teacher recounts his own experience as a hospital worker, to show students the importance of people sticking together to make needed change.

  • School Days

    (Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll!)

    By Rick Mitchell

    How music recordings can bring history to life.

  • Exploring ‘Same’ and ‘Different’ in a Preschool World

    By Janet Schmidt

    Helping young students overcome bias and embrace diversity.  

  • Washin’ Away

    A trial activity asks who's guilty for Katrina's horrors

    By Ian McFeat

    A trial activity asks who’s guilty for Katrina’s horrors.