Volume 18, No.4

Summer 2004

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  • Editorial: Teaching Against the Lies

    By the Editors of Rethinking Schools

    Teachers need to equip their students to think critically about our government’s policies. It’s a matter of life and death.

  • Taming the Beast

    It's not just a question of full funding; NCLB is a set-up

    By Stan Karp

    While Democrats and Republicans bicker about whether the No Child Left Behind act is funded at the right level, they’ve missed the point: Fully funding the law might make things worse.

  • Seed Money for Conservatives

    Department of Ed funds flow to privatizers and voucher supporters

    By Barbara Miner

    Follow the money trail from the Department of Education to conservative, pro-privatization organizations.

  • Making Every Lesson Count

    By Linda Christensen

    Want to helping students learn to write? Get them writing about what they love.

  • Teaching in the Undertow

    Advice for new teachers on resisting of schooling-as-usual

    By Gregory Michie

    Advice for new teachers on how to survive their first years.

  • Privatization, English Style

    An Interview With Richard Hatcher By Bob Peterson

    By Bob Peterson

    An interview with Richard Hatcher, who’s been involved in decades of struggle for equal education in England.

  • Brown Doll, White Doll

    Partner poems help students talk back to stereotypes

    By Shwayla James and Heidi Tolentino

    Fighting racial stereotypes with poems written for two voices.

  • Sticking It To the Man

    By Wayne Au

    Critiques of two recent movies that depict U.S. schools, School of Rock” and “The Perfect Score”.”

  • Beyond the Bake Sale

    An elementary school club helps students explore the roots of hunger

    By Terry Moore

    Lessons on hunger and who is afflicted by it.

  • Confronting Child Labor

    An elementary teacher discovers that her students' best work emerges from a unit on child labor

    By Katharine Johnson

    Students look beyond designer labels and examine the international oppression of workers

  • Teachers Tour U.S.-Mexico Border

    By Barbara Miner, Bob Peterson

    A look at education activism around the country.