Volume 18, No.1

Fall 2003

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  • Patterns of Errors Check List

    I adapted this checklist from Mina Shaughnessy’s book Errors and Expectations. Using this list as a template, I look for patterns of errors under each category: Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and […]

  • Mortgage Loans-Is Racism a Factor?

    Mr Rico Gutstein Mathematics December 2, 2002 Last month, the Chicago Tribune published an article, “Mortgage OKs Tougher for local Blacks, Latinos.” In it, there is a second headline, Institutional racism […]

  • Short Stuff 18.1

    NAACP Sues Florida The NAACP filed suit in August against Florida’s education department, claiming that its grade-promotion standardized test (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, FCAT)) discriminates against Black students who lack […]

  • Additional Information on Military Spending

    Center for Defense Information, www.cdi.org Center for Popular Economics, www.populareconomics.org Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, www.cbpp.org Children’s Defense Fund, www.childrensdefense.org Cost of War, www.costofwar.com Dollars and Sense, www.dollarsandsense.org New […]

  • The Politics of Correction

    How we can nurture students in their writing and help them learn the language of power

    By Linda Christensen

    Nurturing student writing to make it language of power”.”

  • Writing ‘Essays with an Attitude’

    By LInda Christensen

    Teaching for equity and justice is more important than ever.

  • Rethinking Our Classrooms

    Teaching for Equity and Justice

    Teaching for equity and justice is more important than ever.

  • Time to Renew Movements for Justice

    A Rethinking Schools Editorial

    Encourage movements for social justice at the national level.

  • Houston’s ‘Zero Dropout

    By Michael Winerip

    Texas schools report dropout rates, Enron style.

  • Don’t Mourn, Organize!

    Making lemonade from NCLB lemons

    By Monty Neill

    Making lemonade from NCLB lemons.

  • Head Start or Head Backwards?

    Republican bill undercuts program that helps low-income children prepare for school

    By Barbara Miner

    Republicans deliberately undermining Head Start.

  • Field Trip

    By Rebecca Constantino

    A teacher observes social inequities during a class trip.

  • Talking Wrong

    By Patricia Smith

    A mother tries to leave her Southern accent behind.

  • Money, Schools and Justice

    State-by-state battle for funding equity gets mixed results

    By Stan Karp

    State-by-state battle for funding equity gets mixed results.

  • Urban Students Tackle Research on Inequality

    High schoolers see school funding inequities for themselves.

  • Understanding Large Numbers

    By Bob Peterson

    Using the current military budget to explore large numbers

  • Home Buying While Brown or Black

    Teaching mathematics for racial justice

    By Eric Gutstein

    Mathematics for racial justice using mortgage loans.

  • Forgive and Remember

    An English teacher reflects on the power of teaching forgiveness through poetry and art

    By Tracy Wagner

    Teaching forgiveness through poetry and art.

  • Unacceptable

    By Amy Ambrosio

    Labelling schools low-performing” has consequences for all.”

  • Unwrapping the Holidays

    A teacher reflects on a difficult first year

    By Dale Weiss

    A first-year teacher’s naivety has repercussions.