Letters to the Editor 27.3

CONTINUING CONTROVERSY OVER NEW TEACHER TEST We write to clarify misunderstandings about the edTPA initiative described in “Stanford/Pearson Test for New Teachers Draws Fire” (winter 2013) by Nini Hayes and […]

Letters to the Editor 27.1

DOWNSIDE OF PEER-ASSISTED REVIEW? I have been glad to read Stan Karp’s writing over the years. So I looked forward to reading an article by him in your last issue […]

Letters to the Editors 25.4

Anti-Teacher Climate Intensifies Bullying Waiting in my car to pick up my sons from middle school, I turn off the windshield wipers, lower the windows, and silence the engine. As […]

Letters to the Editors 25.1

PACT: Intrusion or Opportunity to Learn? I just read Ann Berlak’s piece, “Coming Soon to Your Favorite Credential Program: National Exit Exams”(Summer 2010). Professor Berlak makes substantive arguments about the dangers […]

Letters to the Editors 24.4

TFA Ignores Hard QuestionsI was a 2007 Teach for America corps member in New Mexico, where I taught social studies at Shiprock High School. I read Barbara Miner’s article (“Looking […]

Letters to the Editor 24.3

Pros and Cons of Accelerated Reading I’m writing in regard to Susan Straight’s article, “Reading by the Numbers” (Winter 2009). I successfully used the Accelerated Reading (AR) software at the […]

Letters to the Editor 28.1

Does EdTPA Limit Teacher Education? I believe that academic freedom ends where the health and well-being of my son begins. The state has an ethical and legal responsibility to assess […]

Letters to the Editor 30.4

Personal Cost of War I just finished my second reading of Chris Hawking’s, “Cracking the Box: The Personal Cost of War”(winter 2015-16). Both times his story literally brought tears to my […]

Letters to the Editor 30.2

Response to “A Revitalized Teacher Union Movement” Rethinking Schools included an article by Bob Peterson entitled “A Revitalized Teacher Union Movement: Reflections from the Field” (winter 2014-15). There are significant […]

Letters to the Editor 29.2

Restorative Justice: From the Bottom Up Finally, someone is starting the conversation about the perceived “wins” when schools districts across the country mandate restorative justice (“Restorative Justice: What It Is […]

Letters to the Editor 28.3

  Is It the Text or the Teaching? Michelle Kenney (“Of Mice and Marginalization,” fall 2013) makes compelling points about the pressures of choosing texts for her classroom. When her […]

Letters to the Editor 28.2

In response to critiques of the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), I’d like to share some perspectives as a teacher educator (“High-Stakes Test for New Teachers,” summer 2013). At Alverno, our […]