From Tucson to Palestine

A generation ago, students led the movement in the United States to divest from apartheid South Africa. Today, student leaders are shaking Arizona as they defend Tucson’s Mexican American Studies […]

Stanford/Pearson Test for New Teachers Draws Fire

The fight for—and against—standardized testing is heating up in teacher credential programs. It has burst into flames at the University of Massachusetts. Back in 2010, Rethinking Schools published an article by teacher […]

Occupy Movement Spurs Education Activism

“Banks got paid off, teachers got laid off” sounded through the streets of downtown Seattle as education activists and protesters from the Occupy Seattle movement marched on Chase Bank Oct. […]

SOS March Builds Pushback to Corporate Reform

Pushing back against sustained attacks on teachers and public education, thousands of educators, parents, and activists came to Washington, D.C., July 28–31 to “Save Our Schools.” They responded to the […]

Save Our Schools

Washington, D.C.March and Rally • Sat., July 30 Pre-March Conference • July 28-29 Post-March Next Steps • July 31 If America needs to reform its public schools, why aren’t public school teachers, students, […]

Puerto Rican Students Win Major Victory

After a two-month strike at all 11 campuses of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), students won the most impressive victory in the history of the university—and one of the […]

Oregonians Vote to Tax the Rich

In January, while right-wing pundits were crowing about Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, voters in Oregon sent a different message to the nation: Tax the rich. Oregon is dealing with […]

California’s Grassroots Grow

Sacramento On Aug. 13, 2004, the California Supreme Court settled a historic case— Williams v. the State of California. The Williams decision validated the concerns of many Californians that the state had fallen […]

Justice for Trayvon Martin

We return to school this fall under the cloud of the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Many students in our classes are wondering “Am I […]

School Closures Rock Philadelphia

This spring, the School District of Philadelphia voted to close down 24 schools, about one in 10 public schools, affecting nearly 10,000 students across the district. The vote followed months […]