Volume 9, No.3

Spring 1995

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  • Wisconsin Debates Religious Vouchers

    Controversy Ignites ‘Battle of the Century’

    By Barbara Miner

    Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson has launched a set of initiatives that, while cloaked in populist rhetoric of parental choice and property tax relief, would propel Wisconsin into the national forefront […]

  • Parents and School Choice: Beyond the Rhetoric

    Flying the banner of parents’ rights, advocates of school vouchers have launched an assault on the very concept of public education. The rhetoric of parental choice is seductive and, in […]

  • Lessons of the Vietnam War

    Teaching the Forgotten 50th Anniversary

    By Bill Bigelow

    There is a startling encounter in the Vietnam war documentary, Heartsand Minds, between producer Peter Davis and Walt Rostow, former adviser to President Johnson. Davis asks Rostow why the United […]

  • Which Way for Chapter 220?

    Desegregation Effort’s Fate in Legislature’s Hands

    By Barbara Miner

    The roughly 6,400 children taking part in the metropolitan Milwaukee desegregation effort known as Chapter 220 are understandably worried. The fate of Chapter 220 is unclear, embroiled in the two […]

  • Why Not Teach About Harriet Tubman?

    Conservatives Attack History Standards

    By Eric Foner

    Rarely has the study and teaching of American history been the subject of such intense public scrutiny as it is today. In the past few months, the flying of the […]

  • Making School Safe for Sissies

    By Eric E. Rofes

    I knew I was queer when I was a small child. My voice was gentle and sweet. I avoided sports and all roughness. I played with the girls. I did […]

  • Basketball and Portfolios

    A Classroom Look at Authentic Assessment

    By Linda Christensen

    It was 5:30 on finals day. Most students left the building at noon, giving teachers a chance to work on their grades before the weekend or prepare for the new […]

  • Lies Our Textbooks Tell Us

    By Bill Bigelow

    LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. By James W. Loewen. The New Press, 372 pp. $24.95. The U.S. history textbooks used in schools today […]