Volume 9, No.1

Fall 1994

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  • Building Community from Chaos

    By Linda Christensen

    Over winter break, I read a book on teaching that left me feeling desolate because the writer’s vision of a joyful, productive classroom did not match the chaos I faced […]

  • Immigrants Under Attack

    California Measure Would Deny Schooling, Healthcare

    By Felix De La Torre

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California is a besieged state. One would only have to ask California’s governor, Pete Wilson, to confirm this. Wilson will tell you that California’s problems have little […]

  • Stop Scapegoating Immigrants

    An editorial critiques California's referendum that would deny a public education to immigrants.

    A nauseating stench pervades the anti-immigration referendum on the November ballot in California: the stench of racism. We realize that such blunt descriptions are generally avoided in U.S. political debate, […]

  • What Can Teachers Do About Sexual Harassment?

    How one high school teacher and his class took on a sensitive but necessary discussion.

    By Ellen Bravo and Larry Miller

    Theresa was the only girl in the metalworking class. When a teacher asked her how things were going with the boys, Theresa replied, “Oh, it’s much better. They don’t grab […]

  • Bias and CD-ROM Encyclopedias

    How a 5th Grade Class Integrated Math and Social Studies to Analyze Bias

    By Bob Peterson

    When our elementary school library got its CD-ROM last year, I hoped my fifth graders would use it for social studies research projects. Little did I know that it would […]

  • Playing Favorites

    Gifted Education and the Disruption of Community

    By Mara Sapon-Shevin

    Why are there programs for “gifted” children? Why are some children labeled “gifted” but not others? And what does all this mean for the education of the “non-gifted”? In discussions […]

  • A Call to Education Unionists

    Social Justice Unionism: A Working Draft

    The following statement was issued by 29 teacher union activists following a threeday institute in Portland this August sponsored by the National Coalition of Education Activists. Because it makes an […]

  • Grumpy About Gump

    By Robert Lowe

    Forrest Gump is a brilliantly crafted, finely acted movie that is witty, inventive, and stirring. It is also a movie that obscures, in a gauze of sentiment, a promotion of […]