Volume 8, No.3

Spring 1994

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  • The Power And the Money

    Michael S. Joyce could easily be mistaken for a middle-aged Clark Kent: glasses, hair thinning at the top, a waistline that’s growing but not out of control, a well-tailored but […]

  • Celebrating Joy and Laughter

    Using Poems to Praise and to Think Critically

    By Linda Christensen

    As a teacher trying to equip students to “unlearn the myths that bind them” in history, literature, and popular culture, I find it necessary to balance the critical stance we […]

  • A New School For Our Children

    We have a solution to the space crunch in the Milwaukee Public Schools. Allow the kids to use the newly proposed Brewer Stadium on Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to […]

  • Teaching for Social Justice 8.3

    Making Connections, Examining the World

    By Bob Peterson

    It’s November and a student brings in a flyer about a canned food drive during the upcoming holiday season. The traditional teacher affirms the student’s interest — “That’s nice and […]

  • The Singing Strike And the Rebel Students

    High School Students Take a Lesson from History

    By Bill Bigelow

    One morning in the spring of 1989, Jefferson High School English teacher Ruthann Hartley burst into my classroom waving a copy of Willamette Week, Portland’s entertainment and aimless-muckraking newspaper. “Have […]

  • Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

    Why Susan Mitchell’s Critique of MPS Doesn’t Work

    By Robert Lowe

    Last summer The New York Times ran a Bloomingdale’s advertisement with the headline “It’s All About Choices, And Individual Freedom.”1 The choices advertised included a turtleneck for $215, spandex pants […]

  • Parents, Schools & Conservative Ideology

    By Christine Bowditch

    In the past few years, educators and politicians have advocated increased parental involvement in schools. As part of these discussions, a few commentators have examined the sometimes illusory power granted […]

  • Which Side Are You On? Readers’ Views on Teacher Unions

    Readers Respond About the Role of Teachers Unions

    Rethinking Schools received a number of responses to the article by Bob Peterson on the role of teacher unions (Rethinking Schools, Vol. 8 #1) and his advocacy of “social justice” […]