Volume 7, No.4

Summer 1993

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  • Education for Sale?

    For-Profit Firms Target Public Schools

    By Barbara Miner

    Education Alternatives Inc. is an innocuous name, and one could easily confuse it with countless other education reform efforts that come and go with barely a ripple of concern. But […]

  • Getting Off The Track

    Classroom Examples for an Anti-tracking Pedagogy

    By Bill Bigelow

    In school, I hated social studies. My U.S. history class was, in the words of critical educator Ira Shor, a memory Olympics, with students competing to see how many dates, […]

  • How ’Bout Them Brewers, Hey!

    On Tuesday night May 11, Milwaukee Brewers general manager Sal Bando strongly hinted in a radio interview that the baseball team might not be able to build a new stadium […]

  • Year in Review: Why We Must Both Defend and Criticize Public Education

    Why We Must Both Defend and Criticize Public Education

    Everyone acknowledges that public schools in the United States are in crisis. But unity ends there. Businesses call for the privatization of public education and the need to instill business […]

  • How the Christian Right Organizes

    Are Fundamentalists Taking Over Your School?

    By Debi Duke

    From Maine to Oregon, South Carolina to North Dakota, education activists report the presence and influence of the so-called Christian Right. Sometimes these forces identify themselves clearly, sometimes they don’t, […]

  • Corporations Woo Young Students

    Schools Awash in Business Propaganda

    By Stewart Allen

    A student flicks off the lights in a Mark Twain High School classroom in San Francisco. The teacher pops a video into the VCR, and as a newshour jingle fills […]

  • Family Gumbo: Urban Students and Poets of Color

    Urban Students and Contemporary Poets of Color

    By Steven Z. Anthanases, David Christiano, and Susan Drexler

    I shall write of the old men I knew And the young men I loved And of the gold toothed women Mighty of arm Who dragged us all To church. […]

  • Are Public Schools to Blame?

    Unemployment, Recession, and Other Economic Ills

    By Larry Cuban

    In the last decade, a popular myth has been created: the declining economy in the United States is the result primarily of poorly educated workers who can’t compete in today’s […]

  • Blueprints for School Success

    How Size and Location of Schools Affect Achievement

    By Gary T. Moore and Jeffery A. Lackney

    It is sometimes assumed that the quality of educational facilities has no impact on academic achievement. Mayor John Norquist of Milwaukee, for example, was quoted this spring during debate over […]