Volume 6, No.1

Fall 1991

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  • Multiculturalism: A Conversation Among Different Voices

    By Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

    What is multiculturalism, and why are they saying such terrible things about it? We’ve been told it threatens to fragment American culture into a warren of ethnic enclaves, each separate […]

  • A New Path to Learning

    Curriculum Reform Advances in Milwaukee Schools

    By David Levine

    When Helen Dixon, a Milwaukee Public Schools parent and volunteer, arrived at the first meeting of the K-12 Curriculum Summer Committee, she brought with her strong misgivings. “When we started […]

  • “We Have No Reason to Celebrate an Invasion”

    Interview with Suzan Shown Harjo about Columbus

    Suzan Shown Harjo is president and director of the Morning Star Foundation in Washington, D.C. The foundation sponsors the 1992 Alliance, formed to provide an indigenous peoples’ response to the […]

  • Bush Plan Abandons Public Schools

    The Education President’s “Hidden Curriculum”

    By Stan Karp

    The “hidden curriculum” is a term used to describe the powerful but indirect messages schools send to students not only by what they teach, but by how they do it […]

  • Taking Multicultural, Anti-racist Education Seriously

    An Interview with Educator Enid Lee

    The following is condensed from an interview with Enid Lee, a consultant in anti-racist education and organizational change, and author of Letters to Marcia: a Teachers’ Guide to Anti-Racist Education. […]

  • “Teach her good, and she learn good. That’s your job.”

    By Bonar A. (Sandy) Gow

    In November, 1982 I was two months into my teaching career and struggling to “cover the curriculum” for a class of 33 grade four and five children. My school of […]

  • Children’s Books by African Americans

    A Special Rethinking Schools Pull-out Section

    By Roberta Long and Fran D. Perkins

    An exciting new dimension has been injected into American children’s literature in the past decade. Teachers, children, and parents are demanding quality multicultural books that provide self-affirmation for children of […]

  • The Empire Strikes Back

    The Conservative Attack on “Political Correctness”

    By Stanley Fish

    The following is excerpted from a recent speech by Stanley Fish. Professor of English and Professor of Law at Duke University in Durham, N. C., Fish also heads the English […]

  • How Well Are We Nurturing Racial and Ethnic Diversity?

    Classroom Ideas

    By Louise Derman-Sparks

    Teachers of young children have long recognized that we must address issues of diversity and prejudice, a perspective often referred to as multicultural education. It is also time to ask: […]

  • The Katz Bill: Bandwagon to the Past

    A Critical Appraisal of Oregon’s New Vocational Education Law

    By Jeff Edmundson

    An educational bandwagon is creaking across the country. It’s brightly decorated in all the latest fashions and high-tech attachments. But underneath is the worn-out buggy of the past. This bandwagon […]