Volume 3, No.1

Fall 1988

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  • Writing the Word and the World

    By Linda Christensen

    I heard that Alice Walker said if we write long enough and hard enough we’ll heal ourselves. Maybe that’s true. But I’ve come to see that it’s not enough. I’ve […]

  • School Vouchers: An Exchange

    By Robert Lowe

    Dan Grego asks, “Why shouldn’t low income people be entitled to the same educational opportunities as the affluent?” He looks to vouchers as one vehicle for achieving that equity and […]

  • Shortage of 1,685 Classrooms Raises Many Questions

    By Bob Peterson

    Ask the typical classroom teacher if there is a classroom shortage in the Milwaukee Public Schools and she or he would probably reply in the affirmative. A teacher wouldn’t need […]

  • MPS Bureaucracy Receives Criticism

    By Bob Peterson

    Increasing concern has been expressed about the effectiveness of the Milwaukee Public Schools’ Central Office over the past few years. Recently some concrete proposals have put forth as possible remedies […]

  • A New Kind of Classroom

    Critical Pedagogy in Action

    By Bill Bigelow

    This had been the first year for a Literature in American History course that i co-taught with Linda Christensen, an English teacher, at Jefferson High School. Jefferson is the most […]

  • A New Direction for M.P.S.

    Susan Bietila, a parent, and Cynthia Ellwood, a high school teacher, interviewed Milwaukee’s new Superintendent of Schools Robert Peterkin for Rethinking Schools. Rethinking Schools: Perhaps you could start by reviewing […]

  • Basal Adoption Controversy Continues into Second Year

    Whole Language Pilot Projects Launched

    By Bob Peterson

    “I’ve been involved in whole language projects in Cambridge and New York Citybut I’m more excited about the Milwaukee project. The Cambridge and NYC projects were top-down. We had to […]