Volume 2, No.4

May/June 1988

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  • Curriculum that Builds on Students’ Strengths

    Beyond Deficit Thinking

    Novelist Paule Marshall recalls the depth arid. beauty of the oral language tradition that inspired her own development a writer: The basement of the brownstone house where my family lived […]

  • The Year in Review: A Rethinking Schools Perspective 2.4

    Controversy and contention characterized Milwaukee’s 1987-88 school year. Everybody from the mayors-to-be to up-state legislators entered the fray. Unfortunately, the increased local and state attention and continued national education debate […]

  • When Children Become Authors

    By Rita Tenorio

    The Room 4 Publishing Record for 1986-1987 is full of intriguing titles such as My Book is Love, So What?, You Little Noodle, and I Hate to Dust. It lists […]

  • Central Park East: High School With a Human Face

    By Peggy Farber

    Central Park East Secondary School is an alternative public school in New York City’s East Harlem that has replaced the business-as-usual curriculum of today’s high schools with an intimate, creative, […]

  • Textbook Committee Recommends City-wide Basal

    By Rebecca Schwartz

    ​​The Milwaukee Public Schools Reading Textbook Evaluation committee recommended a “core basal” which would be used by all first grade through sixth grade teachers. The Committee rejected a proposal by […]

  • A Question of Trust

    By David Levine

    Mention the words “trust status” on the west side of Milwaukee these days and you are likely to get a strong reaction. For the Indian Community School (JCS) and its […]

  • Are High School Students Dumb?

    By Deborah Meier

    When Jean Piaget noted that 6-year-olds had surprisingly ignorant answers to his simple questions, he didn’t rush into print with the information. How interesting, he thought. The answers I expected […]

  • The Pajaro Valley Experience

    By Alma Flor Ada

    A young mother, somewhat intimidated in a group of nearly a hundred people, is about to read a story written by her daughter. She hesitates, unsure whether the story is […]