Volume 2, No.2

Winter 1987/1988

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  • Outcome Based Education

    Grand Design or Blueprint for Failure?

    By David Levine

    During inservices in October and November, all MPS teachers were introduced to Outcome Based Education (OBE), a program we were assured was “one of the most significant curriculum developments in […]

  • North Division District Plan

    Our Children Deserve Better

    By Peter Murrell, J r.

    Since August a great deal of attention has been focused on the educational future of the 8,000 inner-city students of Milwaukee. The attention focused not on the desegregation settlement between […]

  • Whole Language: A Refreshing Approach to Language Instruction

    By Bob Peterson

    The cry “Johnny Can’t Read” was first heard in the mid-fifties when Rudolf Flesch authored a book addressing that issue. Three decades later “illiteracy” is a key concern of our […]

  • The Struggle for Equal Education

    An Historical Note

    By Robert Lowe

    Ever since the momentous Brown decision of 1954 outlawed state enforced school segregation, there has been a tendency to look suspiciously upon any educational plan that is indifferent to the […]

  • School Making Differences

    Keeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality

    By Robert Lowe

    Equal educational opportunity has generally been equated with desegregation in the decades since Brown v. Board of Education abolished state mandated separate schooling. When inequality of results has persisted in […]

  • Learning to Learn Together

    By Rebecca North

    In our highly individualistic society it seems children (like adults) know better how to compete over self-centered concerns than to work together toward common Goals. Often within a classroom students […]

  • Education in South Africa: Life in a “Colored” School

    While the black — white conflict in South Africa is often headline news, we hear little about South Africa’s 3.2 million people of Asian and mixed race background. In the […]

  • Education in South Africa: Challenging “Gutter Education”

    By William Bigelow

    During the Soweto Uprising of 1976 hundreds of school children were killed by the South African police. Since that time, no struggle in South Africa has taken on greater prominence […]

  • Why Top-Down Structures and Excellent Teaching Don’t Mix

    Carnegie Offers a Hopeful Alternative

    By Deborah Meier

    “A Nation Prepared” the report of the Carnegie Corporation on teaching as a profession, speaks very strongly to many of the issues school people are concerned about today. It is […]