Volume 12, No.4

Summer 1998

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  • What Will Be The Future of Teacher Unionism?

    A review of United Mind Workers: Unions and Teaching in the Knowledge Society, by Charles Taylor Kerchner, Julia E. Koppich and Joseph G. Weeres. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1997.

    By Bob Peterson

    A review of United Mind Workers: Unions and Teaching in the Knowledge Society by Charles Taylor Kerchner, Julia E. Koppich, and Joseph G. Weeres, and thoughts about the evolving role of teacher unions.

  • NEA-AFT Unity

    Editorial A look at the potential opportunities — and the dangers — as the nation’s two national teacher unions consider merging.

  • Internet Filtering

    By Barbara Miner

    This second installment in a Rethinking Schools series on censorship looks at the fallacies and misconceptions about so-called “Internet Filters” which claim to protect children from online smut. Not only do they let pornography in

  • Resources on Censorship and the Internet

    Addresses, phone numbers and — of course — Internet addresses for more information.

  • Teachers As Learners

    Two teachers describe how evaluations by their fellow teachers gave them a valuable new perspective on their teaching practice.

  • The Hows and Whys of Peer Mentoring

    Practical nuts-and-bolts information on how the authors structured and maintained a peer mentoring program in their school.

  • The Standards Movement

    By Asa Hilliard

    Excerpts from remarks on the standards movement by the noted Georgia State University professor.

  • What the Tour Guide Didn’t Tell Me

    By Wayne Au

    A classroom teacher explains his unit on Tourism

  • The Price of Paradise

    By Wayne Wah Kwai Au

    A closer look at The Price of Paradise, a resource guide on the resistance movement in Hawai’i

  • Resources on Hawai’i

    Where to get more information.

  • Teacher Alert!

    Phonics Fads Sweep Nation’s Schools

    By Harvey Daniels, Steven Zemelman, and Marilyn Bizar

    A Reader Opinion raps the phonics fad sweeping the country — sometimes by state mandate.

  • Exploding the Western Canon

    San Francisco Adopts Diversity Requirement

    By Donn K. Harris

    San Francisco diversifies its English requirements — and the media distort the issue.

  • Federal Law Mandates ‘Abstinence-Only’ Sex Ed

    Fundamentalists Pushed Stealth Legislation

    By Priscilla Pardini

    A look at how religious fundamentalists successfully pushed stealth legislation aimed at gutting sex-education curricula.

  • Vows of Abstinence Break More Easily Than Latex Condoms

    An Interview with Jocelyn Elders

    Outspoken former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders on the fallacies of the abstinence-only approach to sex ed and the critical need for comprehensive sexuality education.

  • The History of Sexuality Education

    By Priscilla Pardini

    A thumbnail history of this controversial issue.

  • A Look At the ‘Sex Respect’ Curriculum

    A critical look at the misinformation and biases that permeate the most popular abstinence-only sex education curriculum.

  • Resources on Sexuality Education

    Where to turn for real help with questions about teaching and sexuality.

  • SEX, etc.

    A Newsletter by and for Teens

    By Priscilla Pardini

    Teens write about sex in this newsletter for other teens.

  • The Bell Curve: Stealth Book of the 1990s?

    By Barbara Miner

    Notorious author Charles Murray wonders aloud whether his controversial book helped demolish affirmative action.

  • Where’s the R-Word? Speaking Out on Textbook Silences

    By Bob Peterson

    Why is the word “racism” missing from so many elementary-school history textbooks? Can you really teach US history without it?”

  • Always Consider Yourself a Student

    An interview with classroom teacher Bisse Bowman

    A 35-year teaching veteran, who insists that social-justice issues should be introduced in early elementary-school classes, describes her curriculum and her commitment to progressive teaching.