Volume 11, No.2

Winter 1996/1997

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  • Tender Warriors

    The Dilemma of ‘Inherent’ Inequality and the Personal Toll of Integration

    By Herbert Kohl

    Two books chronicling the lives of the first students of color to attend white-only Southern schools.

  • Student Voices

    By Melony Swasey

    School System Shock This is my senior year, a time in my life when I am supposed to exhale, to feel like I have accomplished something. When I graduate, I […]

  • Equal Opportunity and the Federal Role in Education

    A Response to the Conservative Attack

    By Harvey Kantor

    An in-depth look at some of the major assumptions behind calls for paring down federal school policies, and a discussion of the role the federal government should play in assuring educational equity.

  • Arranged Marriages, Rearranged Ideas

    By Stan Karp

    One teacher’s efforts to deal with the issues and value judgments raised by a student whose culture calls for arranged marriages.

  • Equity, Not Abandonment, Should Drive Federal Policy

    In response to the freedom movement of the 1960s, the federal government made an unprecedented effort to equalize educational opportunity. It created a variety of programs that targeted those who […]

  • Welfare ‘Reforms’ Threaten Children

    Struggles Shift to Local Level as Washington Ducks Responsibility

    By Leon Lynn

    A synopsis of the devastating impact that welfare “reform” could have on educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and adults.

  • Writing ‘Essays with an Attitude’

    By LInda Christensen

    Teaching for equity and justice is more important than ever.

  • Teaching the Whole Story

    One School’s Struggle Toward Gay and Lesbian Inclusion

    By Katie Lyman

    A chronicle of one elementary school’s struggles over teaching about gays and lesbians.

  • Students Walk Out Over Anti-Gay Resolution

    By Phyllis Sides

    Students protest in Elizabethtown, PA.

  • Preaching Ain’t Teaching

    Sex Education and America’s New Puritans

    By Alan Singer

    An examination of “abstinence-only” sex education programs casts doubt on whether they really encourage students to postpone sexual activity.

  • A Review of Sexuality, Commitment and Family

    By Alan Singer

    A close-up look at a popular “just say no” sex education curriculum.

  • Reader Commentary: Progressives Should Support Charter Public Schools

    America’s public education system often does not prize progress or reward risk-takers. In fact, the system often frustrates innovative, talented teachers and caring, committed parents. The charter public school movement […]